Jane Addams to Paul Underwood Kellogg, November 26, 1919


November 26th, 1919

My dear Mr. Kellogg:

Mrs. Wilberforce Stoughton is, I believe, a German although she married this magnificent English name. She teaches French and German in the University School on the South Side and I think speaks French as well as she does German. She has been speaking ↑lecturing↓ recently about the food conditions in Germany ↑[vary?] acceptably↓.

She is a very nice well-bred woman and stands well in the community. I have read her article and it seems to me her facts are correct, tallying up quite well with our own observations. Of course, someone might make the objection that she is a German but I see no other possible slip-up in the matter.

I have been doing a lot of speaking to large German-American societies in St. Louis, Cleveland and Milwaukee as well as in Chicago. They present a very curious psychology and I find it all very interesting.

I have a lot of material from Europe urging special contributions in relation to the famine and a letter from Professor Abderhalden in Halle, telegrams from Siegmund Schultze, etc. I have sent a good deal of it to Norman Thomas hoping he would publish it in the World [Tomorrow] but I am overwhelmed with it all the time and should be glad to share it with you if you wish it, as per sample.

↑Hastily yours,↓

Jane Addams [signed]

↑P.S. Please [return] one to Miss Wald as I am down to my last copy.↓