Emily Hobhouse to Jane Addams, October 4, 1915


Oct. 4, 1915.

Miss Jane Addams,
[Woman's] Peace Party,
(Room 500), 116 South Michigan Ave.

Dear Miss Addams,

One line to tell you that by hand of a returning American Madame [Dubiel] I am sending you 4 of the free copies due to your branch of the Official Report -- an early edition (minus some French and German Sections) which the printer hastened through to be ready for the London Conference Sept. 30. It is full of inaccuracies -- but Madame Hubrecht has toiled like a slave at it for over a month, and Mw. Ramondt has come up for 2 or 3 whole days to help her -- but it needed of course the eye of the person who had planned it from the beginning. I fear coming so very late, after the interest roused by the Congress has subsided it may fall flat, and we shall have difficulty in disposing of our 6000 copies which appear to me a very large issue.

On Saturday Oct. 2 we had our first news of Dr. Jacobs since her arrival in U.S.A. -- the letter had taken 3 weeks to come. From it we were so very sorry to hear of your illness and fervently hope you are now quite restored.

We ought to have a German and a French woman in this office I think -- or closely connected with it for dealing properly and internationally with their points of view and <with> those languages. In all we shall have much to discuss with Dr. Jacobs on her return.

Mme. Hubrecht has been so devoted and untiring in her work and her care for all others who work. She needs a rest now.

The "Corriere della Sera" the leading paper of Italy devotes two columns to laughing at you! A good [advertisement].

Yours very Sincerely,

E H [initialed]