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Addams discusses her involvement with Henry Ford's Peace Ship and tells Schwimmer that she cannot intercede for her with Ford.

Schwimmer complains to Addams about the collapse of the Peace Ship and Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and her difficulties with the Fords and others.

Siedlecka and Pawlowska request that Poland's women be granted a place in the Woman's Peace Congress.

Allen requests Addams to send materials for a class she will be teaching.

Addams thanks Blaine for her donation, which will keep Hull-House free of debt, and sends along a request for funds from Katherine Coman.

Beveridge thanks Addams for her letter and discusses newspaper controversies.

Addams thanks Taylor for his Christmas gift and sends him a book and best wishes for the New Year.

Addams informs Beveridge that she will be speaking at the Progressive Party's Lincoln's Birthday Dinner and mentions newspaper criticism for her non-partisan stance in municipal affairs.

Kellogg informs Kellor that Jane Addams has accepted three reports on Progressive Party legislative work, pending his approval, which he provides.

McGrath sends Addams a copy of an interview George W. Perkins did critical of the actions of the Wilson Administartion about breaking up the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Garland agrees to offer Addams' friend a literary critique.

Addams sends Haldeman a Christmas gift and best wishes for the holidays.

A screed about Albert Beveridge's letter warning Progressives against turning back to old parties that calls out "traitors" to the Party.

Beveridge sends Addams a news clipping claiming that she is a traitor to the Progressive Party and later discusses plans to secure woman suffrage from the Wilson administration.

Beveridge sends Addams an article in the Indianapolis News that reports she is leaving the Progressive Party and asks her to refute the charge.

Addams declines White's invitation to speak for the Progressive Party in Kansas.

A news account of Addams' criticism of President Wilson on woman suffrage and affirmation of her membership in the Progressive Party.

The article reports that Jane Addams is distancing herself from the Progressive Party, advocating for nonpartisan municipal elections.

Perkins invites Addams to speak at the Progressive Party's Lincoln Birthday dinner.

Roosevelt invites Addams to be a speaker at the Progressive Party's Lincoln Birthday dinner.

Addams accepts Foulks request to stand in for Foulke at a meeting of the National Municipal League if he is still too ill to travel.

Wells tells Lindsey that Addams will attend the Drama League meeting.

Wells tells Garnett that Addams cannot do more than speak at the Drama League.

Lindsey's secretary asks Addams to look over a plan for the protection of stage children.

Coman tells Addams about her work at a school in Spain and asks if she can raise $100 for a series of lectures there.

Addams offers rationales for woman suffrage at Carnegie Hall.
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Addams' November 30 address at the annual meeting of the National American Woman Suffrage Association discusses the meaning of suffrage, the changing political climate, and the connections between politics and social improvement.

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