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Maude tells Addams that Countess Tolstoya has cancelled her American trip, and asks her to write an introduction for a reprint of What Then Must We Do?

Addams offers Heymann accomodations in Chicago and lecture possibilities. She notes that she keeps a strict division between the work of the Women's International League for Peace in the United States and abroad.

Addams's secretary asks DeGraff whether she plans to join Addams at The Hague.

Addams reviews Henrietta Barnett's book on Canon Barnett explaining his importance to the settlement movement.
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In this narratively rich article in McClure's, Addams reflects on her meeting with Tolstoy in Russia in 1896, on her admiration for his principles, and on her pragmatic approach to good work in the urban, industrial context of Hull-House and its diverse surroundings.

Bose invites Addams to tea and provides details of Addams's lecture.

James sends Addams a request for speaking engagements in Wisconsin.

James sends along a request for Addams to speak at a few fairs.

James writes Addams about the possibility of adding additional speaking engagements in Wisconsin.

Wells invites Addams to help recruit members for the New Zealand peace movement.

Addams tells of her trip to Asia and encourages American women to collaborate with women in Asia.

Harrison asks Addams to dinner at the Young Women's Christian Association training school.

Harrison asks Addams if she can change the time for their factory tour.

Harrison thanks Addams for sending a Hull-House etching and plans to travel to the United States and see Addams in Chicago.

Nestor thanks Robinson for hosting her club at the Bowen Country Club.

Apponyi invites Addams to come to Hungary to speak on her return from Egypt.

Ochsner sends Chavez a letter of introduction to Jane Addams asking him to aid her while she is in Mexico.

Ochsner gives Addams the name of two good doctors in case she needs them while in Mexico.

Jacobs sends Addams a calling card to introduce Jan Best and Anni Mulder von De Graaf for when she visits Java.

Jacobs advises Addams on the people she should meet and places she should visit in Sumatra and Java.

Jacobs asks Addams if the American delegates will be able to obtain passports for May.

Jacobs tells Addams about the International Woman Suffrage Alliance conference and other news.

Jacobs wishes Addams a speedy recovery from illness and talks of the difference in reception in Washington at the International Council of Women meeting and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's International Congress of Women.

Jacobs updates Addams on the arrival of Balch, Schwimmer, and Macmillan in New York.

Jacobs sends Addams a calling card to introduce her to the von Hombracht-Jacobs who live in Java.

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