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Kauser updates Addams on difficulties in raising funds for prisoners of war in Siberia.

Post explains the issues facing American efforts to bring relief for prisoners of war still held in the Soviet Union.

Miller asks Addams to support his efforts for relief work in the Soviet Union.

The Russian Patriarch, Tikhon, pleads with the American people to help feed their children.

Addams speaks in Boston about the way to solve the problem of unmarried mothers and delinquent girls and urges the lifting of the Russian blockade.

Merriman asks Addams about efforts to secure an American tour for Robert Cecil in support of the League of Nations and American foreign policy in the Soviet Union.

Balch asks Colby for clarification of the American policy towards prisoners of war in Siberia.

Balch forwards Addams a letter regarding conflict in Soviet-Russia, despite the rapidly changing situation and there being little WILPF can accomplish.

Perlen and the German Section ask the WILPF to raise a protest against the world blockade of the Soviet Union.

Nansen thanks Marshall for WILPF support for work done in Russia.

Ador invites Marshall to join the International Rescue Committee, set up to coordinate Russian relief efforts.

Addams writes to Watson about her views on Russia, in response to a critical letter.

Addams gives Fry her version of the problems with Brent Allinson and his plans for a new international committee for relief in Russia.

Addams congratulates Abbott on her new post at the Children's Bureau and thanks her for her work on Russian relief.

Addams sends McDonald information about potential supporters for the League of Free Nations Association's petition to send aid to the Soviet Union.

Addams tells Thomas that she cannot travel to the Soviet Union due to her poor health.

Addams sends Thomas some materials that show how opposed the WILPF was to creating a new organization for Russian relief.

Addams asks Thomas if they can Russian relief to the British Friends Service Committee through the American Friends.

Heymann sends Balch a request to send a WILPF commission of three to Russia and the Ukraine to investigate conditions.
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