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Addams argues that it is the responsibility of a democracy to care about the social needs of its citizens.

Bok's questions for a series of interviews with Jane Addams and other prominent women are intended to find an explanation for women's "unrest" and the factors that have led to their discontent.

Burr praises Addams' new book, A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil and expresses her hope to join Addams in her work after she has more training.

Day praises Addams' work in the Progressive Party campaign.

Manny praises Addams for her new book and discusses issues in Baltimore.

Dodge seeks to arrange a meeting with Addams and Louise Bowen, and hopes to talk over the American Vigilance Association.

Midwood is studying in Amherst College and is interested in philanthropy.
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Addams speaks to the National Civil Service Reform League's annual meeting about the issues with the merit system in civil service.
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