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Addams discusses English settlement work at the Kenwood Evangelical Church.

Addams disputes a claim that a settlement house based on Hull-House was to be established in Paris.
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A summary of Addams' talk on Tolstoy and settlements, given at the First Unitarian Church in Minneapolis.

Addams speaks to the Franklin Street Settlement in Detroit about working in a settlement.

Addams discusses the formation and goals of Hull-House in a speech to the B'rith Kodesh Temple.

Newspaper summary of Addams' comments about the need to increase the work of settlements to meet need.

Addams encourages Robins to bring Mr. Bell to dinner at Hull-House.

An excerpt of Addams' talk at "Settlement Sunday," held at the University of Chicago.

Addams speaks to the North Broadway Social Settlement about how she runs Hull-House.

Addams invites Robins to a conference of settlement folk.

Addams writes Haldeman about an old acquaintance and the Conference of Charities and Corrections.

Tuttle asks Addams if she knows of anyone who would be willing to help run a settlement home in Paterson, NJ.

Addams writes to Blaine regarding William M. Salter's efforts to raise money for a permanent house for his settlement.
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Addams provides an introduction for a reprint of Myron E. Adams' article published in the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, on the working conditions of newspaper boys.
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Jane Addams wrote the lyrics to a song on the occasion of the opening of the Hull-House Woman's Club Building. A chorus sung the song at the festivities.

Lindsey sends a letter of introduction for James Tuthill who would like to visit Hull-House.

Addams writes a letter of introduction for Harriet Van De Vaart, who is building a new settlement.

King writes a letter of introduction for friends who want to visit Hull-House and hopes that Addams can lecture in Ottawa.
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Addams discusses the history of social settlements in Illinois at a meeting of the Illinois State Historical Society, discussing the neighborhoods, settlement foundings, child labor, African Americans, and other similar charitable organizations.

Floyd would like more information on Settlement work to use in a classroom setting.

After reading Addams' article in Ladies' Home Journal, Pomeroy asks Addams if she would be of any use physically helping at Hull-House, because she has no money to send.
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In the second article of a series, Addams reports on some of the activities accomplished at Hull-House from 1889-1894.

Addams discusses the role that settlements play in improving the conditions of the poor. Only the portion of the article with Addams remarks has been included.

Addams discusses the role of class relations in the settlement movement. Only Addams' portion of the article was included.
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Addams introduces a discussion about the purposed of social settlements at the Abraham Lincoln Centre. The event celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of Jenkin Lloyd Jones' pastorate.

Martin offers Addams support and praise for her article in Charities and the Commons.

Addams reports to Smith on events at the National Conference on Charities and Correction.

Wheeler writes Addams about her article on recreation for young girls in cities and expresses his desire to introduce her to his wife and sister when she next visits New York.

Bassett thanks Addams for being an inspiration to her life since the time she was a resident at Hull-House.
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