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Addams sends Jacobs a finalized list of the plans for the Official Peace Conference and asks her to pick which she prefers. She also asks her to notify all national sections once a plan has been agreed upon by the executive board members.

Addams asks Aldis if he would continue his yearly donations to Hull-House as its expenses have increased.

Addams's draft of a letter she plans to send Jacobs which details several possible plans for the upcoming peace conference and asks her, along with each member of the International Board, to pick which one is best.

Kellogg asks Addams for more articles for the Survey and discusses its role for social workers.

Levinson offers his home as the location for a meeting between Addams's group and his colleagues.

Van Winkle asks Addams to speak in New Orleans and then travel to California via a southern route.

Karsten sends Rosecrans material on military training in schools and universal military service for a school debate.

Kellogg invites Addams to meetings of Survey Associates Inc. held in New York.

Addams seeks to meet with Kellogg while she is in New York.

Addams explains the potential value of Levinson's skills and notes the role Women's Clubs will play in the peace agenda.

Haldeman updates Addams on her recent miscarriage due to the extra work she has taken on, her adoption of Josephine, and updates on her friends and family.

Addams asks Post about timing for a Woman's Peace Party board meeting and her opinion on whether the Party should hold an annual meeting this year. A similar letter was sent to all WPP board members.

Addams thanks Monroe for handling Mrs. Scott's play and asks if she can send her another package containing Scott's writings.

Kellogg reminds Addams to renew her Survey subscription.

Karsten sends Kellogg a letter (not found) at the request of Graham Taylor.

Poole is disappointed that Addams cannot provide an article and hopes to see her ideas about Russia.

Addams asks Lane for additional time to finish her paper and submit it to The Survey.

Mead tells Addams that she votes against holding a Woman's Peace Party meeting in June and suggests the closing of the office for the summer.

Marsh asks Addams to let him know if she will have a book manuscript shortly.

Roth seeks Addams's support for starting food relief for Germany at once.

Addams sends Jordan speech notes (not found) from a recent speech in Kansas City and hopes to arrange to meet him.

Post drafts a telegram reply for Addams to the German women's appeal for food and relief.

Addams tells Eastman that any response to the German women's appeal must be made clear that it is by the New York League, not the Woman's Peace Party.

Eastman asks Addams if the New York branch of the Woman's Peace Party can respond with sympathy to the German women's appeal.

Dales asks Addams whether the Washington branch of the Woman's Peace Party should hold a meeting in support of the German women's appeal.

Addams ask Balch whether she thinks they need to call a Woman's Peace Party meeting soon.

Nelles asks Addams for help in the case of Ernest Gellert, a conscientious objector who committed suicide in suspicious circumstances in an Army prison.

Spencer replies to Addams agreeing with the idea of postponing the Woman's Peace Party board meeting until December.

Addams tells Kellogg that she is happy to e reelected to the Survey board and tries to get out of writing an article.

Kellogg asks Addams for an inspirational article on the social promise of peace for the Survey.
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