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Barnett argues against a plan of redeveloping Bunker Hill in England into housing.

Addams talks with a Kansas City Star reporter about increased political participation, recreation in cities and her work as garbage collector in Chicago.

Taylor tells Addams on about the success of summer programs at the Chicago Commons Farm Camp and seeks help fundraising for it.

Hoover acknowledges Addams's letter and sends it to the Executive Chairman of the Committee on Outdoor Recreation.

Addams spoke to the Reading Chamber of Commerce on the role that the United States could play in reducing the humanitarian crisis in Europe.

Addams argues for the value of recreation in girls' lives.

Addams and Marshall discuss play's positive effect on young children.

Addams offers praise of Charles Howard Mills for his Chautauqua lecture brochure.

Addams praises the new park established in Dayton and is drowned out by children's excitement.
School Halls to be Social Centers, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Feb. 24, 1902, p. 3..jpg

Addams discusses the role of neighborhood centers can play in fostering community.