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Addams explains the purpose of an enclosed pamphlet to Sedgwick.

Addams explains a recent miscommunication that has led to the publishing of Addams' writing in two pamphlets.

Poole requests Addams' help in his work with the Foreign Press Bureau. Poole explains the role educators of all nations have in the aftermath of war.

Addams sends her paper to Van Winkle and explains her format.

Mead informs Addams of the commentary she wishes to publish concerning the President's recent statements, and about some issues within the party.

Kellogg asks Addams to review an enclose document and emphasizes the need for timeliness in her reply.

Kellogg informs Addams that Paul Kellogg will be in France until the end of the year working with the Red Cross.

Addams asks Sedgwick to contact her publisher and relates some subjects which she may be interested in writing about.

Mead explains speaking arrangements for the Woman's Peace Party Annual meeting. She also explains her hesitation with a statement concerning United States military involvement in the war.

Lynch writes about the travels of Battin, and some of his accomplishments in traveling abroad to various branches of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches.

Karsten informs Bourne that Addams is away from Chicago, but provides her address as well as other publications regarding the Woman's Peace Party's current status.

Addams tells Hull that she has asked Kellogg to publish his article.

Karsten responds to Oppenheim's request stating Addams would be interested in publishing an article in the Seven Arts, but may decline due to her health.

Oppenheim asks Addams if she would be interested in publishing an article about women and the war in his publication, The Seven Arts.

Kellogg discusses the financial and editorial state of the Survey and seeks an article from Addams.

Karsten suggests Wanous publications in which she can publish her articles, one of which is published by the Woman's Peace Party's New York Branch.

Various people write letters to the German Republic of their responses to a piece by the editor.

Sihler tells Addams he added her name to a list of subscribers to a potential publication about Germany.

Schoenrock sends Addams a poem about Addams and discusses how women in America are feeling about current events.
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