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Dean discussed proposed traffic routes during planned street widening.

Dean reports on his examination of streets to be widened in order to improve traffic congestion.

Dean writes in detail about proposed Chicago street widening, detailing alternate routes to be used during construction.

A newspaper report of the Chicago City Council hearing about the widening of Halsted Street.

Description of the November 26, 1906 City Council meeting on the question of widening Halsted Street, which ended in a draw.

The Houston Post summarizes Addams' statesments on the need for public recreation for girls.

Addams advocates for public recreational spaces for the benefit of all.
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A preface by Addams for a book by Bowen, Civic Protection for Young People, explaining the importance the book it is written for, why it should be read and listened to concerning matters addressed in it.
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A preface by Addams, explaining the importance of the book Safeguard for City Youth at Work and Play and matters of child welfare.
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Addams' short introduction to the Child Welfare Exhibit invites the public to enjoy and learn from the exhibit. It was published in 1912.

A reprint of three articles arguing that rather than erecting monuments, cities should build community centers as memorials to the war dead.
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Addams testifies before the Board of Local Improvements in opposition to the widening of Halsted Street because of its potential impact upon Hull-House.

Burchard writes Addams with detailed steps necessary to put a collection of meteorites in a museum.

Mead argues that a new Constitutional amendment is required to prevent secret meetings and sabotage in the upper echelons of society.