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Schneider thanks Addams for sending a copy of her article in Charities and the Commons.

Hutchinson praises Addams' article on the Averbuch Incident and sends his wishes to visit Hull-House.

Culver tells Addams she will distribute the Charities and the Commons article so more people will read it.

Houghteling praises Addams' article in Charities and the Commons and her work in Chicago.

Stolz sends Addams high praise for her article in Charities and the Commons.

Morgan chastises Addams for taking a strong position on the Averbuch Incident because it could bring undue harm to Hull House.

Amidon writes Bruce to praise Jane Addams and report that she is well loved.

Burritt writes Addams for advice about drawing a connection between immigrant women and the suffrage movement and compliments her on Newer Ideals of Peace.

Page writes Addams to encourage her to write an autobiography or to allow someone to write a biography about her, as her life and work would be of interest to large audience.

Sachs thanks Addams profusely for sending him a copy of Twenty Years at the Hull House.

Ferguson writes Addams to confide his previous aversion to her conclusions about alcohol and to tell her that reading Twenty Years at Hull-House has changed his opinion about her work. He also asks her to consider devoting her careful attention to the case for Prohibition.

Bennett sends Addams a good review of Twenty Years at Hull-House from the New York Evening Sun.

"M. McG." criticizes Hull-House for turning into a capitalist tool and expresses hope that it will find its way back to its early successes.

An unknown correspondent writes Addams in solidarity against an effort to exclude child actors from the Illinois Child Labor Law.

Lindsey thanks Addams for her opinion on the Boy Scouts and shares his trouble in convincing some people of the organization's value.

Mee offers a lawyer's perspective on Addams' white slavery article in McClure's Magazine and compliments her grasp of the legislation.

Evans writes Addams about his objection to her use of the word "cadet" in her article in McClure's Magazine.

Cullen praises Addams for Twenty Years at Hull House and describes Addams as an inspirational figure to her.

Parker reports on an interview with Morrison regarding Addams' opposition to a child actor exception to the 1903 Illinois Child Labor Law.

La Follette sends Addams Anna Shaw's response regarding some difficulty with Mary Wagner.

Lansey praises Addams for her article in McClure's Magazine.

Chute praises Addams' article in McClure's and offers her own opinions about prostitution and the solution to it.

Addams writes Persons about the limitations of a new Illinois law to provide aid for poor parents with children.

Boyd praises Addams for her McClure's articles on prostitution and boasts about his some of his own work for the common good.

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