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Addams discusses how social movements can help alleviate vice, providing examples such as crusades against diseases and organized opposition to the white slave trade. This is the final article in a five-part series, which would ultimately be published as A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil later in the year.
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Page proofs of "Chapter V: Social Control," the final article in a five-part series, which would ultimately be published as A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil later in the year.

Yohe reports to Biddle on successful treatments for prisoners with tuberculosis.

Hamilton asks for Nestor's help collecting tuberculosis data.

Haldeman tells Addams about the aftermath of her mother's death and of the small-pox epidemic in Girard.
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Addams argues that it is the responsibility of a democracy to care about the social needs of its citizens.

Balch tells Addams about efforts to appoint a woman member of the League of Nations health commission.

Routzahn thanks Addams for her honest article about the Averbuch incident.
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Addams' address to the American Women's Victory Dinner uses the end of the war to urge for greater international collaboration to ensure food supplies. The speech was given at the Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC.

The Bureau reports on industrial accidents in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.

Osgood asks Addams to write an article about public health for Charities and the Commons.

Fisher writes about the upcoming conference of State and Territorial Boards of Public Health to discuss pending Senate and House bills affecting public health.

Addams and Bowen suggest a plan for a memorial foundation for Henry B. Favill that would help prevent social diseases.
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Addams discusses the labor situation in Chicago and argues that the Progressive Party will support the work of trade unions.

Addams asks Blaine to support Edith Wyatt's efforts to appoint a better stockyard inspector.

Addams telegrams for candidates to take over as Chicago Sanitary Inspector.

Addams asks Ball if he is interested in becoming Sanitary Inspector of Chicago.

Addams praises the work of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene to help those with mental illness.

Addams asks Robins to write to the Boards of Health of major cities to find out how they regulate and enforce contagious diseases.

Addams telegrams a request for candidates to take over the Chicago Sanitary Inspector position.

Addams notes that she has contacted Ball and asks DeForest to telegram details on his qualifications.

Addams telegrams to ask for candidates from Boston to apply for Chicago Sanitary Inspector position.

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