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Addams argues that women's interests coincide with the work the Progressive Party is doing and that they should support it.
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Addams offers a biographical justification of why she has entered politics and joined the Progressive Party. The article was published in October 1912.

Quick takes issue with the inclusion of a single tax in C. L. Logan's peace plan.

Addams sends Ickes a paper with a suggestion that she received.

Kellor sends Addams the Progressive Party's plan for education, notes Theodore Roosevelt's enthusiasm for the effort, and asks Addams to suggest names.

Addams asks Brett if he is interested in publishing a series of articles she is writing for the Ladies Home Journal on the progressive measures she advocated for the election.

Kellor writes Addams with updates from the Progressive Service and shares plans about a meeting in September.

Newspaper summary of Addams' speech to the Philadelphia Branch of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, in which she argues that housewives are not Progressive thinkers.

Straus tells Addams that his son enjoyed her book and organized the Progressive Committee of Princeton.

Kellogg reports on recent work that has been done while Addams is abroad.

Spingarn writes to Kellogg that he is eager to help the Progressive Service and offers a suggestion on how best he might do that.

Kellogg asks Addams to critique a draft of the annual report of The Survey and sends a short biography that will appear with her name on the staff list.

Kellogg asks Commons to do some work for the Progressive Party.

Lindsay sends Kellor a report of the Progressive Legislative Committee.

Flowers asks Addams to endorse a series of lectures he planned to inspire interest in the Progressive movement.

Pinchot clarifies his ideas about the Progressive Party's agenda going forward.

Kellogg sends Lewis a report of American Association for Labor Legislation activities.

Kellor seeks to increase the breadth of membership in the Progressive Service and asks for names of men and women in who may be interested.