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An advertisement sent to subscribers of The Survey Graphic allowing them to purchase a copy of The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets by mail order.

Newspaper advertisements for A New Conscience and An Ancient Evil.

Dye congratulates Addams on promoting the ideas of social work and suggests that social workers should create their own newspapers to spread the word of their deeds.

White introduces George Matthew Adams to Addams, who hopes to publish a series of columns for women for his newspaper service.

Adams asks Addams to consider writing for one year a daily column for women for his newspaper service.

Seymour accepts Addams' idea for a short book but would prefer a more personal statement about woman suffrage from her.

Strong reminds Addams of her promise to provide a paper on woman suffrage for Sunday classes.

Addams received a copy of this anonymous letter, offering a scathing impression of Chicago politicians out to get Police Chief John McWeeny and criticizing the Chicago Tribune as corrupt. The writer uses derogatorynames, like "Sneaky" and "Sissy,"for…

Blake declines for publication Addams' statement on the Fred Guelzow murder case, arguing that the general merits of her statement are important but the timing is poor.

The author sympathizes with the McNamara brothers, who bombed the Los Angeles Times building in California in October 1910, because they were insane but criticizes the Chicago newspapers for responding with bigotry against the Irish community.
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Addams argues that if the rulers of European countries lived among their people, they would see that labor and commerce were what made nations, not its military might.

On behalf of the parents of 25,000-30,000 cadets in the United States, Nelson takes acception to Addam's derogatory use of the word "cadet" in her article in McClure's.

McClure asks Addams to ensure that reporters covering her speech to the Chicago Ethical Society only publish summaries, as he wishes to preserve copyright on her forthcoming article in McClures.

Addams thanks Taylor for his positive review ofTwenty Years at Hull HouseinThe Survey.

A letter distributing an announcement for Jane Addams' new book.

Tarbell writes Addams about American Magazine'swishes to publish parts of her upcoming book,Twenty Years at Hull House.

Walsh praises Addams for her autobiographical articles and suggests she read his book.

Addams writes to inform Kelley she is sending a copy of her article in theThe North American Review.

Simons asks Addams to send him a photograph of herself to run alongside some of her writings that he will be publishing in his new socialist paper.

Johnson asks Addams to write a brief message about the meaning of woman's work for the 25th Anniversary of Good Housekeepingmagazine.