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Addams discusses expansions to Hull-House and donations, and then reports on a visit to Smith's family.

Newspaper coverage of Addams' November 19 address to the Chicago Business Woman's Club linking child labor to laziness in adults.

Addams thanks Sikes for her contribution to the Christmas fund at Hull-House.
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Addams asks Skiff if the Field Museum might donate a collection of medieval textiles to the Hull-House Labor Museum.

Addams thanks Blaine for her check and promises to show her the Labor Museum.

Addams discusses woman's capacity for bad behavior and that women's philanthropy should be more active in areas like child labor.
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A copy of a speech about labor, philanthropy, and immigrants that Addams delivered to the National Council of Jewish Women.

Addams speaks to the Catholic Women's League about the ways the poor are harmed by unthinking charitable efforts.

Addams discusses possible sources of funding for Ely's study.

Ely discusses several possibilities for funding his study and asks Addams for help.

Addams discusses arranging visits with Emil Hirsch and Stanley McCormick when Ely is in town.

Addams encloses Stanley McCormick's positive response (not found) to Ely's proposal.

Addams thanks Blaine for her donation to Hull-House and for her Christmas gift.

Ely asks Addams for any information about an introduction to Stanley McCormick and for advice on whether he should approach Mrs. Lloyd.
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Addams gave a tribute to the life of Sarah Rozet Smith at the dedication of the Hull-House organ. This speech was later printed as a pamphlet.

Robson sends Addams the first installment of a $5,000 loan to the Hull House Association.

Bowen inquires about how donations to Hull-House are used and asks for a budget for its needs.

Ely reassures Addams that there is no worry over the newspaper article and asks her about donors to a fund.

Addams discusses plans to visit the University of Wisconsin and approaches to funders for Ely's plan.

Ely asks Addams for help in securing support from Helen Culver for his investigation.

Maude writes Addams to offer Hull-House a donation of fifty pounds from the Resurrection Fund Committee in thanks to Mary Rozet Smith for helping them earlier.

Addams writes Smith about a donation, and recent news.

Addams hopes Blaine can send her annual donation a bit early to help them close a deficit.

Addams forwards copies of the financial appeal for the Municipal Museum to Blaine.

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