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Mitchell compliments Addams' article in McClure's Magazine and offers some of his own reflections on the subject of prostitution.

Addams sends Christmas presents for Haldeman and her daughter.

A short article praising Woodberry's writing and his entry into the the Academicians' Department of Literature.
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Addams' 1894 talk on the Pullman strike was only published in 1912 in the Survey. She analyzes the strike, drawing comparisons between George Pullman and his workers, and Shakespeare's King Lear and Cordelia.

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In 1894, Addams gave a speech to the Chicago Woman's Club and the Twentieth Century Club about the Pullman strike. The speech was not published until 18 years later, in the November 1912 Survey. In it, she draws comparisons between the key players in the strike, particularly George Pullman, and Shakespeare's dysfunctional royal family.

Addams asks Haldeman for a copy of the story she has written and sends hopes that she will see her soon.

Addams is pleased to read Gale's manuscript and invites her to Maine.

Hyers writes to Cory for Addams, explaining that Cory should expect the arrival important literature, like copies of the Manifesto.

Dorman had previously requested materials on "preparedness" as a strategy and the Woman's Peace Party has sent him information on the issue.

Glasgow needed information on preparedness, so the Woman's Peace Party sent him several pieces of literature on the topic.

Leek had previously asked for information about preparedness, so the Woman's Peace Party sent various literature on the subject.

Karsten sends Ralston a pamphlet by Wales and a testimony from Addams that she believes Ralston will find useful.

Thomas mails Addams several reports and lists the parts of the Annul Report that are being compiled. Thomas also asks Addams not to dismiss her, after she made a serious error.

Manny praises Addams's "The Long Road of Women's Memory", and suggests that it will be useful in education.

Karsten sends Gamble the report of the International Congress of Women.

Barbusse announces the creation of Clarté, a group of writers and artists, seeking political and social change.

Addams thanks Baker for sending her a copy of his book, What Wilson Did at Paris, and hopes to meet him in Chicago.

Courtney missed seeing Addams and sends her a book written by her husband.

Buckley asks Addams to come discuss the upcoming disarmament conference in Washington.

Haldeman-Julius sends Addams some writings and tells of her family life.

Jordan applauds Addams's book Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Post sends subscribers of the John Altgeld biography a final report on its progress.

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