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Karsten sends Webb debate materials and asks her to help fight to keep military training out of California schools.

Karsten informs Meyer that she received his letter addressed to Addams, and expresses her hope that she will be forwarded copies of the hearing Meyer is attending before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Karsten tells Dales that Addams wants to send her request through the Woman's Peace Party's legislative committee who can determine whether or not to support the amendments to the Draft Law of 1917.

Matthews sends Addams copies of Children's Bureau literature on child labor to use for her article.
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Addams endorse Woodrow Wilson in the 1916 election because of his track record of respect for providing individuals with opportunity.

Greene regrets that she is unable to provide a donation to support labor legislation, but she offers her time, instead.

Kelley asks Addams to write an article on child labor for McCall's Magazine.

Sargent explains his inability, as the head of a dramatic school, to support Addams' effort to ban child labor in theaters.

After reading her McClure's Magazine article, Miller sends Addams newspaper clippings about a white slavery case that was successfuly prosecuted in Indiana.

Donaghey writes Bowen about the scheduling of a new hearing to consider Senate Substitute Bill 233, regarding the exemption of child actors from the 1903 Illinois Child Labor Laws.

Dupuy encloses a clipping regarding recent court decisions on strikes that he thinks will interest Addams.

Speranza's assignments of Committee on Crime and Immigration members into subcommittees.

The text of a bill authorizing the Secretary of Commerce and Labor to investigate and report upon the industrial, social, moral, educational, and physical conditions of women and child workers in the United States.

A House bill, introduced by Victor Murdock, to create a Commission on Naturalization.

Thomas discusses the formation of the Emergency Peace Committee and points discussed at the meeting.