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Addams writes Blaine about the work of a committee and asks for reaction to Democracy and Social Ethics.

A 28-page illustrated pamphlet outlining the work and social conditions of newsboys and newsgirls, based on a two-day intensive investigation. In it the Committee proposes revisions in child labor laws to curb the worst excesses.

Lawson notes that he has heard that Addams seeks a change in the newsboy ordinance and wants to discuss it with J. C. Schaffer.

Beaunisne acknowledges seeing the proposed newsboy legislation and admits that he responded quickly and requests the report and proposed ordinance again so that he can give them more careful study. He reports long experience with newsboys and claims sympathy with their condition.

Addams testifies that the system of child labor destroys genius, and how work on the stage damages children.

A summary of decisions on the law of contempt regarding peaceful picketing and strikes.

Dupuy encloses a clipping regarding recent court decisions on strikes that he thinks will interest Addams.
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Addams discusses the experiences of Chicago probation officers and the profession of civil service.

The text of a bill authorizing the Secretary of Commerce and Labor to investigate and report upon the industrial, social, moral, educational, and physical conditions of women and child workers in the United States.

Reynolds asks for help in passing an amendment.

Addams proposes a substitution to a similar bill to the House of Representatives.

Cannon answers Addams' request to amend a bill.

Addams receives a reply from the Committee on Appropriations in the House of Representatives on her recommendations for a bill.

Roosevelt informs Allison of the passage of a law to investigate and report on the conditions of working women and children in America.

Gruhl requests information from the museum about the state treasurer and state funds.

Ely expresses enthusiasm for Addams' proposal to start a local chapter of the American Association for Labor Legislation and suggests people who can help.
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Addams discusses traditional women's roles and how they correspond to a greater need for the involvement of woman in politics.
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An excerpt from Addams' March 22 speech at Faneuil Hall to the Boston Equal Suffrage Association and the Women's Trade Union League on the changes in women's work brought about by factory work.

Fisher writes about the upcoming conference of State and Territorial Boards of Public Health to discuss pending Senate and House bills affecting public health.

Osgood reports to Addams on the progress of meeting plans for the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Someone writing on behalf of Addams informs Osgood that the Chicago branch of the American Association for Labor Legislation will meet in November.

Osgood writes Addams to schedule a meeting of the American Association for Labor Legislation after the election.

Osgood writes Addams about a legislative opportunity in Illinois for the Chicago branch of the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Invitation to a meeting of the American Association of Labor Legislation on October 7, 1908.

Osgood invites Addams to speak at the Chicago meeting of the American Association of Labor Legislation and asks for a meeting beforehand.