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Addams opened the membership campaign for the National Child Labor Committee in Pittsburgh and spoke to the Western Pennsylvania League of Women Workers on the need

Post explains the issues facing American efforts to bring relief for prisoners of war still held in the Soviet Union.

Beek en Donk invites Addams to attend the International Conference for the League of Nations.

A broadside advertising Addams' lecture on the League of Nations at the Macauley Theatre in Louisville, KY.

Levermore tells Addams that the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace was approved to join the League of Nations Union.

Anderson agrees to help Addams raise funds to bring Robert Cecil to America to speak for the League of Nations.

Merriman tells Addams about the efforts of the League of Free Nations Association to raise funds.

Merriman sends Addams updates from James McDonald's European trip.

Merriman thanks Addams for Belle Garfield's letter and tells her about Gilbert Murray's interest in securing U.S. support for the League of Nations.

Merriman sends Addams reports of his trip in London from James McDonald.

Merriman asks Addams about efforts to secure an American tour for Robert Cecil in support of the League of Nations and American foreign policy in the Soviet Union.

Macmillan writes Addams regarding the League of Nations and compulsory testing and treatment for venereal disease.

Karsten tells Levermore that she will have Addams respond to his letter on her return to the United States.

Karsten gives Addams a report on a meeting held by Fanny Andrews regarding the League of Nations.

Wærn-Bugge writes to Balch regarding international recognition of Soviet Russia.

Balch asks Addams to help secure Brent Allinson's release from prison and notes the Swiss have joined the League of Nations.

Balch tells Addams that WILPF is trying to get her article published in Europe.

Balch forwards Addams a letter regarding conflict in Soviet-Russia, despite the rapidly changing situation and there being little WILPF can accomplish.

Balch writes Addams about plans for the 1921 conference and summer school, WILPF's new office, and international crises.

Balch writes a long letter to Addams, detailing her life, the WILPF office in Geneva, activities regarding prisoner of war, and international education.

Balch tells Patrick that they have to postpone their tour of the Balkans.

Balch updates Hertzka on plans for the International Congress of Women and WILPF Summer School for 1921.

Addams spoke to the Ethical Culture Society, urging support for relief efforts and for the League of Nations.
Feed the World and Save the League, November 24, 1920_003.jpg

Addams argues that international organizations should include humanitarian goals as well as political ones in order to win public support. This was also given as a speech to the Labor Forum in Detroit on November 28.
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