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The authors report on a fact-finding trip organized by the Women's International League to report on condition in Ireland during its war of independence.

Spencer offers Addams advice about the WILPF's American Section and warns about aligning the group with radical and militant movements.

Robinson updates Addams on efforts for peace in Ireland and the work of the Manchester branch of the WILPF.

Addams speaks in Boston about the way to solve the problem of unmarried mothers and delinquent girls and urges the lifting of the Russian blockade.

Advertisement for a meeting of the National Campaign on Reprisals and Irish Peace.

Townshend thanks Addams for her assistance during her Washington testimony and makes a few comments on the Irish situation.

Hascroft writes Addams with information about the situation in Ireland and asks her to send word of when members of sub-Committee will be coming to England.

Willkinson sends Addams a novel about western Ireland and reports on her activities since returning to England.

Balch asks Greenwood for amnesty for political prisoners in Ireland on the grounds of peace.

Balch writes Addams about plans for the 1921 conference and summer school, WILPF's new office, and international crises.

Balch sends Addams information on the Irish situation and suggests action.

Balch asks Bennett whether WILPF should establish a section in Northern Ireland.

Balch asks Sections to let her know if anyone will attend the International Committee of Womens and sends information regarding Irish political prisoners and an English leaflet.

Skeffington asks Addams to allow the Irish section of the Women's International Peace Congress separate representation from the British section.

Announces demonstration welcoming back the women's delegation to Ireland, listing speakers.

Thomas reports on the progress of the Irish section of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Swanwick offers Addams advice regarding the Irish Civil War and the the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

Barnett asks Addams to write and update her on the American Commission on Ireland and housing plans.

Barnett tells Addams that she will try to meet with her when she lands in England in June and wants to talk about the Ireland situation.

Barnett regrets not seeing Addams before returing to England, advises her to drop the American Commission work, and bemoans her lack of success in raising funds.

Addams tells Blackwell that she is unable to join a movement in support of Mohandas Gandhi until she is able to study the issue.

Addams tells Wilson that John Morley will be in touch regarding plans to testify before the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

Addams tells Balch about the WILPF movement in Mexico, and her plans to visit next year.

Addams writes to Sheehy Skeffington about representation, particularly for women and Ireland, within the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Addams sends Barnett the Irish Commission report and talks about Britain's role in Ireland, and Barnett's housing scheme.

Addams updates Barnett on insurance payments for a set of broken slides and apologizes for missing her in New York.

Addams regrets missing Barnett and seeks to explain the role of the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

Addams tells Royds that though she is on the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland, she will not be traveling there.

Addams invites Wald to be a member of the American Commission on Ireland.

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