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Addams discusses plans for her return to the United States.

Wells invites Addams to help recruit members for the New Zealand peace movement.

Addams approves of Wald's resolution and discusses populating a committee.

Schwimmer is concerned that she hasn't heard from Addams and gives her an account of their activities in Scandinavia and Germany.

Dr. Jacobs has arrived in New York a day early and Balch reviews the plans to visit Wilson. Jacobs wants to see Addams before her potential visit with Wilson but it is possible that this will not happen.

Van Pelt writes to Addams to request that she be given an opportunity to contribute to Ford's Peace Conference.

Haldeman discusses her experiences working at her bank and shares stories of life in Girard.

Addams tells Haldeman how excited she is to hear of her engagement and makes plans to see her.

Balch discusses the actions of other members at a peace conference.

Addams updates Haldeman-Julius on her health and upcoming events.

Addams seeks to arrange lunch with Haldeman-Julius.

Addams approves of Abbott's idea to combine peace conferences to increase publicity.

Putnam praises Addams for her "The Devil Baby at Hull-House."

Karsten sends Warren a series of materials about the peace movement and hopes that her woman's club will join its efforts.

Addams sends Linn gifts for her baby and discusses purchasing furniture.

Pringsheim explains to Addams her hopes for the Washington Peace Conference and involvement in war relief efforts.

Addams details the cost of a small bed and her Christmas gift for Myra's daughter, Jane.
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A fragmented document written by Addams, possibly a draft of a speech she would later give. In it, Addams argues how nationalistic ideas are beginning to cloud peoples judgement about the war.
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Addams argues how ideas about nationalism and patriotism are beginning to cloud people's judgement about the war.

Addams thanks Lochner for his last letter and asks him to take a position with the Emergency Peace Federation.

Wald writes Addams that Survey Board members want to discuss Kellogg's anti-war opinions, and requests her presence at Tuesday's meeting.

Root discusses plans for peace and political education with Addams and thanks her for the Long Road of Woman's Memory.

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