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Putnam praises Addams for her "The Devil Baby at Hull-House."

Addams seeks to arrange lunch with Haldeman-Julius.

Addams updates Haldeman-Julius on her health and upcoming events.

Addams will be traveling to New Orleans soon and hopes to see Haldeman there.

Wells invites Addams to help recruit members for the New Zealand peace movement.
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Addams drafts her arguments for the protection of migrant laborers, food supplies, and discusses the different outlook that the working class have towards war. The speech was prepared for the National Conference on Foreign Relations of the United States.
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Addams argues how ideas about nationalism and patriotism are beginning to cloud peoples judgement about the war. This speech was given before the Chicago Woman's Club.
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Addams argues how ideas about nationalism and patriotism are beginning to cloud people's judgement about the war.
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A fragmented document written by Addams, possibly a draft of a speech she would later give. In it, Addams argues how nationalistic ideas are beginning to cloud peoples judgement about the war.

Schwimmer is concerned that she hasn't heard from Addams, and gives her an account of their activities in Scandinavia and Germany.

Addams discusses the visit of Delia Corbett, a recent visit to Cedarville, and helping Marcet with the aftermath of her mother's death.

Addams discusses plans for her return to the United States.

Addams sends Smith calling cards with notes on them that she will need on her return.

Addams approves of Wald's resolution and discusses populating a committee.

Addams discusses the difficulties in getting permission to sail to Holland.

Taylor writes a list of name of British women and organization that suppport the peace crusade.

Addams tells Haldeman about the family events at Cedarville.

Addams praises Kellogs for the recent Peace issue of the Survey and asks for additional copies.

Pennybacker sent a telegram discussing wanting to consult with the executive committee of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams encourages Haldeman to trust in her own tastes in design.

Addams writes Breckinridge with news of her suffrage campaigning in Kansas.
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