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Addams describes the efforts of Hull-House in a speech to the Sunset Club in Chicago.

Addams discusses English settlement work at the Kenwood Evangelical Church.
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Addams's second of two lectures on the topic of "Newer Ideals of Peace," this one about the impact of labor and trade on international relations.

Maude praises Newer Ideals of Peace and asks Addams when she will next be in England.

Princess Alice writes Addams looking for aid for homeless British women in Paris.

Pethick-Lawrence asks Addams to find a writer for an article for Votes For Women on the woman mayor of Hunnewell, Kansas.

Coit congratulates Addams on New Conscience and Ancient Evil and reflects on the book's subject matter.

Royden reminds Addams to send a copy of a report of the Chicago Vice Commission to help with a British education campaign.

Marshall asks Addams for permission to use her name in support of women's hostel to be founded by the Stead International Memorial Fund.
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Addams details the many reasons why it is important that women be given the right to vote, and of how the suffrage movement is not just found in Western nations, but globally.

Glasier tells Evans of her trip in South Wales, and her thoughts on achieving peace in Belgium.

Wallas' poem about life in North London during the winter.

Pringsheim argues that trade practices of the United States in the early years of World War I have not been neutral.

Royden speaks at length about the war raging in Europe, including the causes of the war and ideas about how to bring peace to warring nations.

Pethick-Lawrence discusses the International Congress of Women to be held in Holland.

Addams updates Haldeman on her travels to The Hague and her temporary hold up off the coast of England.

MacDonald is hoping that Addams visits London so they can see each other again.

Marshall looks forward to Addams' visit and has made arrangements in England.

Bryce claims that he did not support the International Congress of Women and that his actions were misinterpreted.

Wilson requests a meeting between Helen Wilson and Addams while both are in London.

Rathbone invites Addams to speak in Liverpool to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association.

Webb seeks a meeting with Addams in London and discusses the Fabian Society's ideas on peace.

Addams asks MacDonald for an appointment to meet with the delegation from the International Congress of Women.

Fawcett invites Addams to a gathering and hopes to see her soon. She is glad that Addams is safely in England.

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