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McKelway commends Addams for her work with the Progressive Party but tells her he supports Wilson.

Rumely advises Pinchot that regardless of the outcome of the election, the Progressive Party must become a permanent organization. He provides suggestions on how to accomplish that.

McCormick discusses the challenges facing the Progressive Party after the election.

Bryan sends some plans to Addams for the Woman's Peace Party should diplomatic relations break off and war looks more likely.

Schwartz tells Addams about his work with citizenship classes in Chicago public schools and commends her for her neutral political stance.

Addams argues that Progressives should be pleased with Woodrow Wilson's track record on issues like child labor reform.

Kellogg discuses Addams' endorsement of Woodrow Wilson and the general sense that social workers are behind him.

"A Woman from Los Angeles" congratulates Addams's call for a disarmament plank at the Republican convention.

Fairbank urges Addams to support James Cox's presidential candidacy.

Ickes tells Addams he is supporting James M. Cox for president and would like to meet with her to discuss it.

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