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Baker thanks Addams for her letter on conscientious objectors and promises that it will be reviewed by Congress as they make decisions.

Addams asks Baker to include amendments for conscientious objectors in the pending Selective Draft bill.

Addams tells Baldwin that Newton D. Baker's response to her request for exemptions for conscientious objectors was unsatisfactory.

Addams asks Congressman Dent to include exemptions for conscientious objectors in the Conscription Bill.

Addams tells Baldwin that Walter Fisher did not support efforts for conscientious objectors.

Baldwin tells Addams about the difficulties of getting provisions made for conscientious objectors.

Addams asks Baldwin for additional conscientious objector pamphlets.

Rich and Wylie ask Addams to help those who have registered as conscientious objectors.

Baldwin asks Addams to provide a contact at each branches of the Woman's Peace Party to deal with conscientious objector issues.

Addams discusses Eastman's paper on the defense of conscientious objectors and hopes more groups like hers will form.

Kellogg discusses the financial and editorial state of the Survey and seeks an article from Addams.

Addams advises Kellogg on traveling in Europe and promises an article on conscientious objectors.

Kellogg tells Addams that he plans to go to Europe and asks for letters of recommendation. He also discusses issues concerning the Survey's article on conscientious objectors.

Karsten tells Baldwin that Addams agrees that the Woman's Peace Party should help the families of imprisoned conscious objectors, but that each branch will make its own decision.

Nelles asks Addams for help in the case of Ernest Gellert, a conscientious objector who committed suicide in suspicious circumstances in an Army prison.

Balch asks Addams to help secure Brent Allinson's release from prison and notes the Swiss have joined the League of Nations.

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