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Addams reflects on the railroad crash she endured and gives her impressions of the General Federation of Women's Clubs meeting.

The International Congress of Women's report of activities including Jane Addams' address, resolutions, and a report of the work done by the delegations to European capitals.

Addams discusses the success of the International Congress of Women and comments on the Lusitania sinking.

Addams tells a reporter from the Manchester Guardian her impressions of the International Congress of Women. A short summary of her remarks at Kingsway hall is also included.

Hyers updates Addams on her activities since returning to Chicago.

Addams updates Hyers on printing and sending documents and her upcoming travels.

Addams describes the services a Conference of Neutral Nations would provide and why it is necessary at this time.

Addams urges Women's Peace Party members to write Wilson requesting the organization of a conference to end the war for the sake of mothers of soldiers.

Addams drafts a telegram to White about the peace meeting schedules.

A list of those invited to a peace discussion at Henry Street Settlement, September 29, 1914

Eastman requests that delegates from the New York City branch of the Woman's Peace Party be given the same privileges as delegates from a State branch as there is no New York State Branch of the Woman's Peace Party in existence.

Addams tells Ford that she has agreed to join the Neutral Conference, but wants to meet with him to correct reporting on her views.

Addams announces a public meeting in Amsterdam during which leaders of the International Congress of Women will discuss , noting public support for peace.

Addams reports on a resolution calling for arbitration passed by the International Congress of Women.

Addams discusses the International Congress of Women's stance against war and the role American women play.
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