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Addams' 1894 talk on the Pullman strike was only published in 1912 in the Survey. She analyzes the strike, drawing comparisons between George Pullman and his workers, and Shakespeare's King Lear and Cordelia.

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In 1894, Addams gave a speech to the Chicago Woman's Club and the Twentieth Century Club about the Pullman strike. The speech was not published until 18 years later, in the November 1912 Survey. In it, she draws comparisons between the key players in the strike, particularly George Pullman, and Shakespeare's dysfunctional royal family.

Pinchot discusses his support for removing George Perkins from the Progressive Party and his argument for endorsing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

Haldeman recounts a recent forgery case for Addams.

Lindsey thanks Addams for her opinion on the Boy Scouts and shares his trouble in convincing some people of the organization's value.

Dering refuses Addams' request that believes that Louis Lochner present the peace movement's ideas to the Chicago Association of Commerce because sentiment is against it in the business community.

Logan writes Kiefer to defend his universal peace plan against criticism from Herbert Quick.

Wheeler sends Addams a letter from Harry Selfridge and writes about going to Philadelphia.

Culver apologizes to Addams for the misinterpretation of a previous legal letter.

George W. Perkins discusses the Woodrow Wilson administation and the government's efforts to break the monopoly of the American Telephone Company.

Addams responds to Brett agreeing to sign an agreement regarding copies of her book.

Addams asks Johnston for help in finding Hulbert a job in Chicago.

Addams discusses suggested changes in personnel for the Neutral Conference on Continuous Mediation's organizing committee.

Addams sends Haldeman a signed agreement, declining a "painting proposition."
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Addams writes Haldeman about financial concerns and the Corn Exchange Bank.

Reed praises Addams for her new series of articles in McClure's Magazine and vents his frustration with the business class and their lack of care for the working class.

Johnson writes Addams about land for sale on which to develop a camp for boys.

Addams' speaks to the Consumer's League about the dangers of sweat shops and child labor.

List of people to receive copies of Newer Ideals of Peace.

The Macmillan Company issues a credit statement to Addams for her book.

Credit statement from The Macmillan Company to Addams for her book.

The Macmillan Company details how many copies of Democracy and Social Ethics sold in various cities and countries.

The Macmillan Company issues a credit statement to Addams for her book.

Haldeman discusses her experiences working at her bank and shares stories of life in Girard.

Haldeman updates Addams about her successes in running her mother's bank and settling in Girard.

Shriver offers Addams land for sale for the development of a boys camp.
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In a humorous effort to render the male arguments against woman suffrage absurd, Addams describes a hypothetical world in which women hold power and men are asking for the vote. This is the sixth article of a monthly, year-long series on economic and social reform in America and women's roles affecting change.

Expense report detailing specific items and services and their costs for the Municipal Museum with handwritten notes in margins.

Pringsheim sends support for Addams' peace work from Germany by opposing the sending of ammunition from the States to Europe.

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