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Somerhausen asks associates of Minna Cauer to send copies of letters that shed light on Cauer's life for publication.

Merriam asks Addams to help a doctoral student who is writing about Addams's life and work.

Converse gives Addams a copy of his speech that he made about her to a high school.

Addams reflects on Theodore Roosevelt's visits to Chicago.

Feld gives her impressions of an interview with Addams at at Hull House.

Jacobs thanks Addams for her joyful visit to Hull-House and explains delays in publishing a translation of her memoir.

Addams asks Kelley to respond to a letter from Una L. Creer and mentions and article about her to be published in The Woman's Citizen.

Post sends subscribers of the John Altgeld biography a final report on its progress.

Browne tells Post that he has completed the Altgeld biography and seeks help promoting the book.
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Balch drafts Grethlein & Co, regarding the posisbility of Addams doing a memoir.

Post updates the subscribers about changes in the Altgeld biography plans, telling them that Waldo Browne will be the author.

Browne updates Post about his progress on his biography John P. Altgeld.

A list of those who have paid subscriptions to publish the John P. Altgeld biography.

Post turns over his rights and interests in writing a biography of John Peter Altgeld to Browne.
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Addams describes Bowen's life story and her contributions to numerous causes.

Chappell tells Addams about the way people in Cedarville, Illinois, see her.

Barnett tells Addams that her book will be distributed to American settlements.

Addams seeks Hull's advice about joining the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and remarks about her religious affiliation.

Addams describes why Botticelli's Fortitude is her favorite piece of art. Her description appeared with others by  leading Americans about their favorites.
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Addams offers a biographical justification of why she has entered politics and joined the Progressive Party. The article was published in October 1912.
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Addams' brief tribute to and biography of Louise DeKoven Bowen.

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