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Moore informs Addams that a group called the Sisterhood of International Peace has been set up in Australia, and requests materials and words of encouragement from her.

Karsten sends Jensen some materials from the International Congress of Women and asks her opinion on the issue of compulsory military training.

Eastman writes to Addams suggesting they congratulate the women of Australia's vote regarding conscription.

Addams congratulates Jensen for defeating conscription in Australia.
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Addams testifies against conscription before a closed hearing of the House of Representatives Committee on Military Affairs. She was one of many opponents who opposed universal service.

Thomas updates Addams on lobbying efforts and her upcoming travels.

Balch replies to Harwood about the way in which the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom will organize within countries.

Fränkel tells Addams of her interest in the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's work in Australia and Germany.

Moore asks Kellogg his opinion of a plan for a world disarmament referendum.

Moore tells Courtney her views on the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's acceptance of many kinds of pacifists.

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