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Addams discusses the problems that charity workers face when they bring middle-class assumptions about the poor to their efforts to practically help them.
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Addams argues that the proposed apprenticeship system needs to be remodeled before it will be effective.

Hartt writes to solicit articles from Addams for the Boston Transcript.

Addams disputes a claim that a settlement house based on Hull-House was to be established in Paris.
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In a speech in Chicago, Addams warns female students of their future after graduating from college.
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Addams argues against Bicknell's claims that one of the top reasons that men desert their wives is due to poor cooking skills.
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Addams argues that tenement conditions are bad and that regulations are needed to prevent worsening conditions.
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Addams' first of two lectures on the topic of "Newer Ideals of Peace," this one about recent wars and their effects on Russia.

Addams summarizes the life and background of Italian immigrants living in Chicago.

Gompers thanks Addams for writing an article on child labor to be published in the American Federationist.
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Addams discusses the condition of domestic servants with regard to introducing new industries in the home, the move for shorter hours, and collective housekeeping.

Addams argues the lower class can only be raised up if everyone in the community takes a interest in their plight. The article appeared in multiple newspapers.
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Addams argues that if the rulers of European countries lived among their people, they would see that labor and commerce were what made nations, not its military might.

Addams tells of the expansion of Hull-House into a house owned by the Murphy family, who were relocated nearby. The house was used for the Hull-House Men's Club.

Addams offers arguments for decrease in war and bellicose behavior. The article was printed in multiple newspapers.

Article that announces that Addams will receive an honorary degree at the University of Wisconsin Commencement.

Addams asks Wald to send letters and proofs to Miss Haskell.
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Article summarizes and quotes from Addams' speech and comments on neighborhood improvement at the National Conference of Charities and Correction.

Addams scores a plan by manufacturers to form an educational institution.
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Addams discusses the role of juvenile courts in encouraging good behavior among the poor and dependent.

Engle praises Addams' article in Ladies' Home Journal.

Mowry praises Addams for her work with Hull-House after reading her article in Ladies' Home Journal.

Bowen inquires about Hull-House after reading Addams' article in Ladies' Home Journal.

Addams argues that government services let down the poor and the immigrants. This is a shortened version of the "Problems of Municipal Administration,"

Addams apologizes for the tardiness of her next article for Ladies' Home Journal and tells Alexander that her draft will be sent to him shortly.
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In the second article of a series, Addams reports on some of the activities accomplished at Hull-House from 1889-1894.

Newspaper clipping enclosed in a letter from Addams to Lindsey. Recalls Lindsey declining money from the Rockefeller family, fearing that it was not honest money.

Lindsey expresses his relief that none of the false accusations made against him came from his close circle of friends. He also tells Addams that he wants her to be in a "Committee" and that he is sending out letters to prospective members.

Addams explains the distribution of a circular with regards to protection to working women.

Hammond tells the Editor of Christian Socialist his thoughts on Addams' book, Newer Ideals of Peace.

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