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Addams asks Skiff if the Field Museum might donate a collection of medieval textiles to the Hull-House Labor Museum.

Ely writes Addams about using Enella Benedict's art to illustrate his article in Harper's Monthly.

An excerpt of Addams' lecture on how settlement houses give people opportunities to practice arts and crafts, an important activity for immigrants afraid of losing their cultural heritage.

Ely writes Addams about publication of an article of his in Harper's Monthly and about an art show that featured Enella Benedict.

Addams delights in having another Greek Day at Hull House and encourages Barrows to organize it.

Fragment of a letter discussing an unidentified artist.

Excerpts from Addams' speech on educational opportunities wasted due to discrimination against immigrants.

Addams discusses her travel plans, and tries to arrange a meeting with Alice and Marcet while they are en route to Bryn Mawr.

Addams sends cards and invites Monroe to attend a Hull-House dinner of artists and musicians.

Addams invited Blaine to "The Trolls Holiday" a performance at Hull-House.

Addams describes her visit with George DeForest Brush in Dublin, NH.

In a speech at Carnegie Music Hall, Addams discusses immigrants to America and the work ethic of Chicago immigrants.

Addams speaks for the value of immigrants to American society. This article was drawn from a speech.

Speranza writes Addams to tell her about an exhibition of handmade, Italian crafts in Chicago and asks her to attend it.

Addams expresses her support and excitement for the Scuola D'Industrie Italiane.

Speranza informs Addams that she has been elected to the Advisory Board for the Scuola d'Industrie Italiane and sends her supplemental information.

Addams thanks Brackett for a picture he sent her and promises to send him one of herself with a little boy.
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Addams discusses the many programs at Hull-House that appeal to its immigrant neighbors and the additional value that their neighbors bring to the programs.

Wheeler writes Addams of his interest in Twenty Years at Hull House and of his happiness in seeing her in New York.

Hamilton suggests illustrations for Addams' manuscript of A Newer Conscience and an Ancient Evil.
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On the opening night of the National Conference of Charities and Correction, held in Cleveland from June 12-19, Addams discusses how the difficulties of children can rouse society's greatest sentiments for charity, but that children also have for their own intrinsic value.  The speech was published in the Proceedings.

Coman tells Addams of her plans to summer in Scandanavia and discusses the evening classes at Hull-House.

Addams describes why Botticelli's Fortitude is her favorite piece of art. Her description appeared with others by  leading Americans about their favorites.

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