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  • Mentions: Women's International Congress at Hague (1922)

Addams and others send the resolutions carried by the Conference for A New Peace to heads of world governments.

Cobb tells Addams about prominent Indian men and women that she should meet when she arrives there.

Balch sends Glücklich initial plans for the 1924 International Congress of Women.

Addams tell Balch about the Peace Congress, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom finances and staffing, and her trip abroad.

Addams sends Woods materials from the Peace Conference (not found) and tells her of their meetings with Scandinavian leaders.

Addams sends Blaine news and documents from The Hague Conference and thanks her for her gift.
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Addams sends Hudson the resolutions from The Hague Conference and notes that she will be meeting heads of state.

Addams tells Hull of her journey through India and Ceylon and notes that there is little interest in peace there.

Addams tells Spencer her views about the International Congress of Women being held in the United States.

Marshall asks Glücklich for information about staffing for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and tells of her health and travel restrictions.

Marshall tells Glücklich about efforts to hold an international women's congress in collaboration with other women's groups and discusses the possibility of having a peace delegation meet with Mussolini and the Pope.

Balch tells Woods about activities at the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's headquarters and plans for the Hague Conference and the 1923 Summer School.

McRae thanks Addams for sending the resolutions passed at The Hague Conference.

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's Swedish Section calls on women to use their influence for world peace.

Glücklich and Karsten send Addams a form letter request for financial help for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Addams asks Woods to send publicity regarding The Hague conference to American journals and notes that donations thus far are small.

Addams thanks Wentworth for donating to The Hague Conference.

Addams asks Atkinson whether he would send Mrs. George Mathes as a delegate for his organization during the Hague Conference

Addams asks Woods to see if Lewis Gannett can help cover The Hague Conference.

Addams thanks Lathrop for her donation to The Hague Conference and hopes to see her in New York.

Proudfoot asks Addams about the legal cases regarding Austrian funds held by the United States and discusses Austrian relief efforts.

Johnston asks Addams to meet in Paris on her way to The Hague.

Addams tells Hudson of her decision to attend The Hague Conference and discusses the League of Nations trafficking committee.

Addams tells Duggan that she is leaving for Europe and hopes to have plans for the 1923 Summer School settled soon. She asks if she can meet with the Institute of International Education board before leaving New York.

Addams thanks Warburg for donating to The Hague Conference