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  • Mentions: Taylor, Graham (1851-1938)

A list of those who have paid subscriptions to publish the John P. Altgeld biography.

Addams supports the idea of regulating theaters aimed at juvenile audiences, but not banning children from attending.

Lathrop tells Addams that though her friends are disappointed, they accept her decision to withdraw her name from consideration for the presidency of the National Conference of Social Work.
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Kellogg asks Addams to meet with Hendrik van Loon while he is in Chicago.

Salisbury is glad Addams will attend the Federation of Settlements board meeting to represent the Midwest's needs.

Kellogg asks Addams about credits to editors of the Survey.

Kellogg ask Addams to provide an article for the Survey regarding her trip to Germany.

Kellogg thanks Addams for the article on her visit to Germany and asks her to leave in some passages that she had deleted.

Karsten sends Kellogg a letter (not found) at the request of Graham Taylor.

Wald discuss news of the Russian Civil War with Addams.

Addams discusses the need for better building regulations to prevent tenement fires.

Addams argues that the proposed apprenticeship system needs to be remodeled before it will be effective.

The Urban League reports the organizations, government agencies, and newspapers that it works with and describes its activities, including employment and welfare work.

Kellogg tells Addams that he plans to go to Europe and asks for letters of recommendation. He also discusses issues concerning the Survey's article on conscientious objectors.

Kellogg discusses the financial and editorial state of the Survey and seeks an article from Addams.

Kellogg asks Addams for advice about the role of The Survey in covering the peace movement.

A list of those invited to a peace discussion at Henry Street Settlement, September 29, 1914

Summary of responses to a draft resolution on peace.

Kellogg sends Addams his article asking for her advice before it is published in The Survey.

Addams gives Kellogg suggestions on improving the statement of support for Woodrow Wilson that he is circulating for social workers.

Kellogg tells Addams about recent pledges made to The Survey.

Kellogg updates Addams on the financial situation of The Survey.
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Addams, Kellogg, and Wald argue the many reasons why World War One is destroying society, and detail how it is robbing a generation of its people and future. They also argue that the global community has the power to stop this war and prevent other wars.

Addams asks if she can still contribute a tribute to Graham Taylor despite missing the deadline.
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Addams introduces Graham Taylor's collection of essay, providing biographical information on Taylor, and praising his work.
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Addams introduces and summarizes the content of Graham Taylor's book, provides some biographical information on Taylor, and praises the work.

Addams praises Kellogg's peace plans and discusses her reluctant approval of a plan by Rosika Schwimmer.

Kellogg describes the events at the First Governors' Conference and the activities of the peace movement and the upcoming Governor's Conference in Madison.

Thomas is not pleased by the Emergency Call of the Federation of Peace Workers, thinking that some of the proposals are controversial and will divide women. This letter may not have been sent.
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