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Addams discusses how social movements can help alleviate vice, providing examples such as crusades against diseases and organized opposition to the white slave trade.This is the final article in a five-part series, which would ultimately be published…
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Page proofs of "Chapter V: Social Control,"the final article in a five-part series, which would ultimately be published asA New Conscience and an Ancient Evillater in the year.
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Addams apologizes for inaccurate information about the Socialist Party's endorsement of woman suffrage, which the Progressive Party circulated. The editor of the Appeal to Reason comments both before and after the published version of her letter.

Addams introduces Lord Eustace Percy to Berger.

Penhallow criticizes Addams' support of the Progressive Party and begs her to consider the Socialist Party platform instead.

Gates chastises Addams for supporting Theodore of Roosevelt for President.
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Lewis criticizes Addams and the Progressive Party for claiming to be the only party supporting women's suffrage, as the Socialist Party has supported the suffrage movement since its founding in 1901.

Johnson, a Socialist, writes Addams of his disappoint that she is supporting Theodore Roosevelt for President on the Progressive Party ticket.

Smith questions Addams' support of Theodore Roosevelt and suggests she is afraid of socialism.

The article argues that the virtues of socialism and a socialist economy are supported by the Bible.

Tigner describes to Addams the reform ideas of the Socialist party in contrast to those of the Progressive Party.

Weidenfeld praises Addams' McClure's Magazinearticles and shares his beliefs on the labor issues of women and the morality issues facing women, men, and children.

Simons asks Addams to send him a photograph of herself to run alongside some of her writings that he will be publishing in his new socialist paper.

Bliss discusses anarchism and socialism in American politics and reacts to Addams' article on the Averbuch Incident.