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Addams discusses Scudder's opposition to Wellesley's accepting a donation from Standard Oil, and locating people to fill a position at a settlement.

Bloomfield writes Addams for advice on forming a settlement house in Boston.

A newspaper report of Addams' speech before the Woman's Club of Bloomington, on the work of the University Social Settlement. Addams provided a history of settlement work and the basic principles at Hull-House.

Ovington proposes establishing a settlement to work with African-Americans in New York and asks Addams' advice.

Kent asks Addams for suggestions of a man to run a new settlement planned in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Tuttle asks Addams if she knows of anyone who would be willing to help run a settlement home in Paterson, NJ.

Addams writes a letter of introduction for Harriet Van De Vaart, who is building a new settlement.
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Addams discusses the history of social settlements in Illinois at a meeting of the Illinois State Historical Society, discussing the neighborhoods, settlement foundings, child labor, African Americans, and other similar charitable organizations.

Addams provides Hope with information on starting a settlement.

Potter praises Addams for Twenty Years at Hull-House and describes settlement work in China.
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Addams' speech on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the University Settlement about the growth of the settlement movement.

McNelly, who is organizing a settlement house in Seattle, writes Addams for information that may assist her in the planning.

Addams asks Blaine for a donation to support an African American settlement in Chicago.

Addams introduces Blaine to Mrs. Estill, who has recently opened a Working Girls' Home in Chicago.

A pamphlet with information on "La Residence Sociale," a French settlement house.

Addams reviews Henrietta Barnett's book on Canon Barnett explaining his importance to the settlement movement.

Addams advises the Association on setting up a settlement house for African-Americans in Washington, DC.

Blaffer tells Addams about her efforts to build a settlement in Mexico.