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Prenter updates Balch on WILPF activities in Canada and discusses her rationale on peace and economic justice.

Barnett sends a notice to the National Federation of Settlements from a message that the late Samuel Barnett once delivered.

Read praises Addams and recalls seeing her speak while a student at Knox College.
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Palmer's poem questions how the world, that can create such beauty, can also breed such hate and violence. Addams comments appear at the bottom.

Palmer's poem questions how the world, that can create such beauty, can also breed such hate and violence.

Kelly wishes to republish Addams article "The Church and the Social Evil," but he wants to verify a citation about St. Augustine first.

Kelly thanks Addams for sending him a book by Justus Hecker, a German physician and writer, and he shares some ideas on Catholicism, his writing, and a book he has been reading.

Tarbell asks Addams to consider writing an article about martyrdom, a topic the two had discussed during Tarbell's last visit to Hull-House.

Addams speaks about her trip to the Middle East and the Zionism that was flourishing at the time during her visit to Jerusalem. She concludes that the suffrage movement has become universal.

Hatfield offers Addams advice on dealing with claims that Hull-House is a bed of Anti-Catholic activism.

Addams is eager to work with Abbot Patrick and the Russian Orthodox Church to promote relief efforts in Russia.

Addams would like Hull to join the delegation to the meeting at The Hague as a representative of the Quakers, or at least to give her advice for their group.

Jones asks Addams to stand in for him in his pulpit while he is away.

Heskett believes that the war is a symbol of the end of time, based off his understanding of certain Bible passages.

Skutch interprets a dream Addams wrote about in Twenty Years at Hull House and asks her to help prepare for the end of the world.

Strong requests an article from Addams on women's suffrage for use in Sunday school classes.

Glasier explains that she has been turning to religion to fight for peace during the First World War.

Nelson asks Addams to move the International Court location to Jerusalem based on his reading of the Bible.
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Jones suggests that using charity and love is another option for dealing with Turkish aggression. This was published in August 12, 1922.

Craigie discusses her activities in Washington for peace and suffrage, especially focusing on Japan.

The Leitch sisters discuss slavery in the United States, colonization by Great Britain, and alcohol as great evils.

Angered by the distribution of rum to poor nations, the Leitches ask Barton to write an article that makes a religious argument against nations that are harming poor countries.

Leitch complains about the amount of rum being distributed around the world.

Kellogg summarizes an American Union Against Militarism meeting during which members grappled with ideas about war.

A program from the Peace Song Service on December 20th, 1914.
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In this draft, Addams offers a strong indictment against old fashioned religious education and argues that the church, in order to encourage modern youth to see the validity of religion, must engage the realities and distractions of urban life.

Lynch writes about the travels of Battin, and some of his accomplishments in traveling abroad to various branches of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches.

Paddock shares his personal experiences in community work and praises Addams' work to make the country a better place.
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