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The authors report on a fact-finding trip organized by the Women's International League to report on condition in Ireland during its war of independence.

A flyer with information about Quaker meetings being held in Paris.

Addams discusses the life of Samuel Barnett and Henrietta Barnett's book.

Addams gives a memorial address for Shaw, highlighting Shaw's involvement in the woman's suffrage movement and religious education.

Baller congratulates Addams on being selected to be one of the Chicago Delegates, provides religious views on the war, and blesses Addams on her journey to The Hague.

A pamphlet urges citizens to create an active and militant peace movement to combat a menace to spiritual salvation.

A report of the second anniversary of the International Fellowship School in Gland, Switzerland.

Jensen writes to Addams in response to an article in which he read. He states his opinion on the solution for lasting peace.

Spencer tells Addams about recent confrerence and her sister's medical condition.

Fields praises Addams' work on social evil and claims that God is working through her.

Ford encloses a number of clippings related to a Peace Song Service held two days prior.

Carlyle tells Addams describes her work in Mexico for the American Friends Service Committee.

La Follete writes Kent regarding the Woman's Peace Party platform in regards to neutrality.

A poem by Woodberry, attesting to the idea that there is no good or evil, no god or devil.

Klass reacts to Addams' speech on Patriotism and Pacifism and describes events at his church, referencing a character in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

Dodge writes Addams about religious life and politics and encloses a poem by her favorite author.

Pidgin asks Addams if the new Progressive Party has a stance on Mormon polygamy.

Sheldon writes Addams about meeting with her at Hull-House to discuss her work on an article about prostitution.

Sheldon praises Addams' series of articles in McClure's Magazine and describes the impact her book A New Conscience and a Social Evil is having in his state.

Jones sends Addams a rambling discussion of his views on science, peace and evolution.

Burt praises Addams' speech "The Church and the Social Evil" and congratulates her on her good work with women.
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Addams and Withington introduce a posthumous publication of Henry Demarest Lloyd's recent writings on religion.

Bok asks Addams to revise an article submitted on religious education, asking her to edit it with an eye toward the appeal of a more general audience.

Starbuck asks Addams for permission to include her work in a new series of books that the american Unitarian Association is compiling to further religious education.