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Post opines on the People's Council, changing the name of the Woman's Peace Party, and an upcoming W.P.P. Executive Board meeting.

Mead gives further suggestions as to the date and place of the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board meeting.

Spencer suggests the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board meeting be held in Chicago, and states issues that may arise by having it in New York.

Mead discusses possible dates for the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board meeting in New York City.

Post details preparations for an Annual Meeting of the Woman's Peace Party in Philadelphia.

Post reviews the potential speakers for the next Woman's Peace Party meeting and requests suggestions from Mead and Hull.

Post organizes how she wants speakers presented for the Annual Meeting of the Woman's Peace Party and requests feedback on these details.

Mead suggests several edits to a prepared statement made for the Annual Meeting of the Woman's Peace Party. Mead, particularly, stresses the importance of patriotism.

Post explains her hesistation with some of the strong language used by Addams in her statement for an Annual Meeting of the Woman's Peace Party.

Post reviews potential speakers for the upcoming Woman's Peace Party annual meeting.

Post summarizes plans for distribution of the Woman's Peace Party Annual Meeting Program and what individuals should be listed as speakers.

Post mentions discussions of dissolving the Woman's Peace Party. Post explains her opposition to this idea. Post also briefly discusses her opinion of compulsory military training.

Post shares her opinion to Mead on the issue of political loyalty during wartime.

Post updates Mead and Spencer on the possible speakers for the Woman's Peace Party meeting.

Post discusses plans for the Annual Woman's Peace Party Meeting statement such as including a platform statement and loyalty pledge. Post also discusses potential organizational changes to the American Section of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Karsten updates Post on preparations for an upcoming meeting of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams refuses to write an introduction for Lloyd's brother to Edward M. ("Colonel") House.

Addams expresses her belief that the Women's Peace Party could be the organization Marple is looking for and hopes she will contribute her fortune to the International Congress.

Post suggests that Addams get her passport as soon as possible for the upcoming meeting and discusses delegates to the conference.

Fisher discusses with Addams possible peace league formations that he and others have been considering.

Addams explains the potential value of Levinson's skills and notes the role Women's Clubs will play in the peace agenda.

Post asks Addams how she should get certification that she will be one of the five delegates, and for advice on how to proceed after the fact.

Addams sends Hull some copies of the proceedings at the Hague that she can send to Smith.

Cheetham asks Addams to introduce Miss Harper to settlement work.

Addams recommends Margaret Stoneborough to Wood as a public speaker for Austrian relief and asks about efforts for the prisoners of war held in Siberia.

Hart tells Crook about women in Japan that might want to help with organizing WILPF sections.

Taylor sends Addams letters of introduction to his contacts in Asia, describing each individual.
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