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Marsh acknowledges receipt of the manuscript for her new book and cautions her against publishing it serially in a magazine.

Marsh writes Addams about publishing A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil in serial format in McClure's Magazine.

Marsh writes Addams about Macmillan Company publishing another book of hers.

Marsh writes Addams that he prefers "Juvenile Delinquency and Public Morality" as the title for upcoming book.

Marsh acknowledges receipt of Addams' manuscript for A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil.

Marsh congratulates Addams on the rave review of Twenty Years at Hull House in The Nation.

Marsh would like Addams to write a book on woman suffrage because he believes that she would be interested in writing it and that it would be influential.

Marsh answers Addams' questions about the publishing contract so they can move forward with signing the paperwork.

Marsh sends Addams a copy of the agreement for Spirit of Youth and the City Streets and also suggests another title.

Marsh sends Addams a copy of Race and Immigrants in America by John R. Commons. He also reports that the Macmillan Company is eager to publish Addams' third book after the success of Newer Ideals of Peace.

Marsh writes Addams that he is pleased to hear her work on Spirit of Youth and the City Streets is progressing well and is excited to hear that she will start her book on Hull-House soon after.

Marsh writes Addams about illustrations and the publication plan for her next book.

Marsh writes Addams about illustrations and the publication schedule for her new book.

Marsh writes Addams about illustrations for Twenty Years at Hull House.

Marsh writes Addams about illustrations for the Hull House book.

After the success of the Twenty Years at Hull House, Marsh asks Addams if she is interested in writing another, specifically about the problems faced by girls in large cities.

Marsh writes Addams to explain Macmillian Company's desire to publish Twenty Years at Hull House in the fall and to expresses dismay that copies of The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets to Chicago were delayed.

Marsh writes Addams about royalty rates related to a German translation of Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Marsh thanks Addams for sending The Women at the Hague.

Marsh informs Addams that he is sending the consent for the translation of Twenty Years at Hull House into German.

Marsh thanks Addams for sending the agreement to publish A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil with Macmillan.

Marsh sends an agreement for publishing A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil and promises to have the book printed in a New York union shop.

Bok informs Addams' that the three articles she submitted are in good shape and confirms the deadline for the fourth article. These articles were the first in a monthly series, covering various aspects of her work, which ran in the Ladies' Home Journal beginning in January 1913.

Bok makes recommendations for Addams' article which he wants to put in Ladies' Home Journal.

Starbuck asks Addams for permission to include her work in a new series of books that the american Unitarian Association is compiling to further religious education.

Karsten informs Bourne that Addams is away from Chicago, but encloses a copy of a recent Addams address, as well as other publications regarding the Woman's Peace Party.

Karsten sends Giffin materials on military training in schools as requested.

Sharples has written three poems but has not found a publisher and is hoping that Addams can find a publisher for them.

Jordan asks Addams to write an article on women's community work for Harper's Bazar for $150.

Sedgwick informs Addams that The Atlantic Monthly is unable to print her paper on Tolstoy because the British firm feels as though Tolstoy's family has "deceived" them.
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