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These statements detail the financial compensations Addams will receive from Macmillan Company for the publication of Democracy and Social Ethics and Newer Ideals of Peace.

Addams writes Bok that since her article was published in the Ladies' Home Journal, she has received complaints from labor friends about conditions at the Curtis Publishing Company, which publishes the magazine.

Esenwein writes Addams about writing an article for Lippincott's Magazine.

Macmillan summarizes royalties earned by Addams' books between April 1907 and April 1908.

Jordan asks Addams to write an article on women's community work for Harper's Bazar for $150.

Macmillan Company sends Addams royalty statements for her books.

Marsh writes Addams about Macmillan Company publishing another book of hers.

Marsh writes Addams that he prefers "Juvenile Delinquency and Public Morality" as the title for upcoming book.

Addams writes Marsh to negotiate the title of her upcoming book and the payments of her publishing contract.

Marsh answers Addams' questions about the publishing contract so they can move forward with signing the paperwork.

The contract outlines the publication and financial aspects of The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.

Addams writes to Ely about the contract she has signed with the Macmillan Company for Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.

Marsh sends Addams a copy of the agreement for Spirit of Youth and the City Streets and also suggests another title.

Bok congratulates Addams on her suffrage articles for the Ladies Home Journal.

Brett writes of his pleasure to hear that Addams is willing to write a book on her experiences at Hull-House.

Marsh writes Addams that he is pleased to hear her work on Spirit of Youth and the City Streets is progressing well and is excited to hear that she will start her book on Hull-House soon after.

Bok congratulates Addams on her article "The Bad Boy of the Street" and tells her he wishes to publish it in two parts, but that it will require some editing.

Bok discusses publishing schedules for Addams' articles in the Ladies' Home Journal in light of the publication plans for her book.

Page congratulates Addams on her work for Twenty Years at Hull House but wishes she had published it with Doubleday, Page and Company instead.

The press writes about creating correcting plates for her book, likely Spirit of Youth and the City Streets, and about copies they have saved for her.

Macmillan Company sends Addams advance royalties for Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.

Phillips discusses publishing Addams' manuscript in the American Magazine.

Nutter writes Addams about his disappointment that she will publish Twenty Years at Hull House with Macmillan instead of D. Appleton & Co.

Tutwiler writes Addams on behalf of Henry Holt and Company with an offer to purchase the rights to her autobiography.

Tarbell writes Addams about American Magazine's wishes to publish parts of her upcoming book, Twenty Years at Hull House.

Brett apologizes on some late delivery of Addams' new book, The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets and discusses a plan for publication of her new book and the printing of some of that book's material in The American Magazine.

Addams writes Brett to share her confusion about Macmillian's publishing plan for her upcoming book on Hull-House.

Marsh writes Addams to explain Macmillian Company's desire to publish Twenty Years at Hull House in the fall and to expresses dismay that copies of The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets to Chicago were delayed.

Addams writes Brett, agreeing for an autumn publication for her new book.

Marsh writes Addams about illustrations and the publication plan for her next book.
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