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The contract states the financial and publication terms of Jane Addams's Twenty Years at Hull House with the Macmillan Company.

Brett asks Addams's permission to publish one of her books in a format more accessible to high school students.

Kellogg gives the yearly report to Addams and asks her for suggestions and assistance gathering donations.

Kellogg tells Addams about recent pledges made to The Survey.

Kellogg summarizes the annual meeting of Survey Associates, Inc.

Kellogg apologizes to Addams for the number of typographical errors in her article in the October issue of the Survey.

Kellogg asks Addams's advice about a report for the Survey, and reports on efforts to reduce costs.

Thomas updates Addams on the status of Schutze's bibliography, support for President Wilson, and the health of a friend in Chicago.

Redgrove is compiling an anthology of quotations from various members of society on the subject of war. He requests Addams's permission to use some of her quotations.

Kellogg would like to know Addams' availability in October so he can schedule a meeting of the Survey Associates' board.

Kellogg sends Addams financial information about The Survey and believes that they will reach their membership goal by the end of their fiscal year.

Kellogg discusses funding for Survey projects and invites Addams to come to New York for a meeting.

Addams has some edits for Sch├╝tze's pamphlet and asks Thomas to have her wait before publishing it. Addams will be traveling in October for a series of meetings.

Kellogg thanks Addams for her work in helping to convince Schiff to work with him.

Thomas asks for instructions on how she should communicate information on a pamphlet to Shutze and the other Board members.

Addams clarifies how a list that was published should have been approved and submitted to the Arts Committee of the Woman's Peace Party.

Responsibilities of the Arts Committee and the Publishing Committee of the Woman's Peace Party are cleared up.

Kellogg discusses efforts to prop up the Survey by creating a monthly magazine.

Sedgwick informs Addams that he would be happy to publish her paper, but that it must be shortened and condensed into one cohesive article.

Addams tells Sedgwick that she has completed two articles which were previously unfinished, and asks to be informed of his decision regarding their printing within two weeks.

Kellogg discusses the various reports of the Ford peace expedition with Addams.

Lynch informs Addams that he cannot publish Hardin's paper.

Marot asks Addams about the viability of forming a new journal of modern American philosophers, and seeks Addams' help in raising funds for it.

Gallery asks Addams if she knows of a place where her article could be published, as she wants to reach a wider audience.

Thomas writes to Van Slingerland on behalf of Addams to thank her for sending a complimentary issue of her magazine as well as to reject her offer of a reprint.

Addams is sending Wales a review of her pamphlet from Norman Angell and hopes that Wales can join her Sunday in Chicago.

Marsh thanks Addams for sending The Women at the Hague.

Sharples has written three poems but has not found a publisher and is hoping that Addams can find a publisher for them.

Norton promises to send Addams the table of contents that Hallowes sent and provides advice on locating a publisher.

Kellogg tells Addams about the success of a pamphlet called "Toward the Peace that shall last."
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