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Hill asks Addams to pass along a photograph of Friends Academy's students to Anita Blaine in the hopes of securing her support.

Abbott writes Case about pictures of children and Case's father.

Addams informs Haldeman that she will send her two books of photographs from the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit and reports that she saw Marcet Haldeman's play.

Addams sends Hill a photograph and thanks her for her hospitality.

McClure asks Addams for a new photograph to be published with her article in McClure's Magazine.

Fay sends Addams a story about her father and asks for an recent signed photograph of her.

McClure writes Addams to inform her he likes an article she submitted, is sending $300 for it, and seeks appropriate photographs for it as well.

Simons asks Addams to send him a photograph of herself to run alongside some of her writings that he will be publishing in his new socialist paper.

Haldeman writes Addams about her grandmother's consent to take a photograph of John Addams' portrait, offers news of her mother's health, and talks about the various family members visiting Cedarville.

Addams sends Haldeman money to photograph a portrait and discusses other family matters.

White praises Addams for her article in Charities and the Commonand requests an autographed photograph of her.

Addams asks Haldeman for an address and an updated photograph of Marcet Haldeman and plans for a Christmas gathering.

Addams sends Haldeman the addresses of two family members and a photographer.

Atkinson reports on a meeting of the Boys' Club directors where he explained how he obtained the photograph of the Chicago American Distributing room, and he can now grant her permission to use it in her report.