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Spencer expresses her excitement over the fact that the peace movement appears to be making progress

Hamilton writes to Addams asking for her feedback on several ideas promoting peace.

Hamilton presents two ideas for the promotion of world peace and emphasizes the importance of the future generation in his plans.

Karsten replies to Curtis' letter asking for information on the peace movement.

Karsten thanks Richards for a letter meant for the President and asks if she should forward it to him.

Judd wants to arrange for Addams to speak at an upcoming Minneapolis Peace Society meeting.

Karsten informs Addams that Gulick is the secretary of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through the Churches.

Addams asks Karsten to send peace materials to a woman, who is not named in the letter.

Schwimmer complains to Addams about the collapse of the Peace Ship and Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and her difficulties with the Fords and others.

Addams hopes that Balch enjoyed her time with Ford. She will write to Schwimmer when her boat arrives, although it may be late.

Hall is organizing work for the Woman's Peace Party at the Hamilton County Fair.

Addams sends Wald a letter from Bryan, in which he says that President Wilson supports peace in his heart, but that is impossible.

Cadwallader asks for information on the policies of neutral countries.

Karsten sends Matthews some literature regarding military preparedness and refers him to other sources of information which she believes would benefit him.

Karsten responds to Enochs' previous letters regarding her article, and refers her to Mrs. Fannie Fern Andrews in Boston.

Karsten supports Hollins' idea for an Internationalist Daily Labour Paper and advises Hollins to bring the idea directly to Ford.

Dorman had previously requested materials on "preparedness" as a strategy and the Woman's Peace Party has sent him information on the issue.

Kellogg discusses the various reports of the Ford peace expedition with Addams.

Cook is concerned about Wilson's preparedness plan.

Good writes to thank Kent for sending information on the International Congress of Women.

Hyers informs Everly that she is being sent literature written against Preparedness, and a report of the International Congress of Women for Permanent Peace.

Hull asks Addams if she thinks Ford's peace group and the Central Organization for a Durable Peace should be combined.

Ford informs Addams that due to her mother's passing she cannot devote herself to the peace movement any longer, and goes on to discuss governmental influences on the movement.

Addams sends Dodds literature on the Woman's Peace Party. It also noted that there are members of Dodd's group that are interested in the Navy League, which does not agree with the Woman's Peace Party.

Burritt expresses a tentative interest in joining the peace ship to Addams.

Stone requests that Addams wire Ford asking him to allow her on the peace ship.

Hull informs Addams that although he supports her cause, he cannot take part in Henry Ford's peace plan. He asks if she would be willing to invite the current president of Swarthmore College in his place.
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