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Karsten tells Twitchell that Addams cannot give a speech in Cincinnati due to poor health.

Gale asks Addams for advice on how the Woman's Union of Rochester should respond to the declaration of war.

Vincent offers contributions to the Peace Movement and asks to help further however needed. She concludes with a religious poem.

Cranmer acknowledges Addams' recent telegram and has written Wilson urging neutrality on behalf of the St. Louis branch of the Women's Peace Party.

Addams sends her telegram asking her associates to urge Wilson to form a conference of neutral nations.

Thomas asks Addams if she would also like state chairmen to be sent the neutrality telegram.

Addams asks Thomas to telegram 300 Woman's Peace Party members throughout the US and to telephone Chicago members.

Addams tells Harriet to ask Gordon to send a telegram to her many Women's Christian Temperance Union branches throughout the US.

Ford donates a large sum to the peace movement and asks Addams to send greetings to her colleagues.

Addams sends Shelley the format of the telegrams to be sent to all Women's Peace Party members and asks her to send the ones from Chicago as soon as possible.

Hughes praises Addams for leading the peace movement and shares that her brother was an engineer mending trenches until he was killed.

Leckie offers to head the publicity section of the Woman's Peace Party and cites her credentials.

Addams urges Women's Peace Party members to write Wilson requesting the organization of a conference to end the war for the sake of mothers of soldiers.

Addams informs Eastman of upcoming committee meetings.

Hyers congratulates Pettit on the Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs' adoption of a Peace Resolution.

Karsten sends Dellinger literature on women's work in the peace movement.

Addams requests that Catt does not begin preparing for war during the upcoming National American Woman Suffrage Association meeting as many women still hope it will not be declared.

Thomas informs Moore that the Woman's Peace Party does not plan to volunteer its members en masse for war work should the war be joined.

Sinclair suggests that Addams call a conference of women to voice disapproval of the war.

Spencer offers Addams her opinions of an emergency peace meeting which she felt was poorly run.

Nickerson is interested in gaining more information on the Woman's Peace Party and possibly spreading the word so others may join as well.

Cumberson gives Addams permission to use her signature for important messages without having to ask.

Karsten informs Sloan that she and Addams are arranging a luncheon to meet with Mrs. Skeffington, whom they would like to speak to members of the Woman's Peace Party.

Karsten acknowledges the receipt of several etchings from Broeksmit and gives thanks on behalf of Addams.

DeWeese informs Addams that she and her local Women's Association are doing everything they can to aid the peace movement.

In order to unite peace societies across the United States, a message of beliefs is provided on issues such as the shipping of contraband.

After meeting with Eastman, Post asks Addams if it would be appropriate for her to serve as a advisory member to the Executive board of the Woman's Peace Party.

An anonymous mother thanks Addams for the work she has done for the peace movement thus far, and expresses her opinions regarding the war in Europe.

Addams informs Schwimmer of a peace meeting postponement.

Addams reaches out to Culver to ask if she could financially support the Congress After the War.
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