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Karsten informs Gulliver that Addams is absent, and advises Gulliver to write to Nolan if she wishes to get in touch with the President of the Woman's Organization for Defense.

Parsons sends Addams materials arguing for peace and asks for her support of a Senate resolution (enclosed) to empower a Neutral Nations Conference.

Beek En Donk invites Addams to join the International Committee of Research of the Central Organization for a Durable Peace.
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Addams, explains how a league of neutral nations can be used to begin negotiations to end the war.

Benedict responds to some of Addams' queries regarding the finances of the Woman's Peace Party.

Spencer informs Addams that her acceptance to take part in the peace plan is provisional.

Stack proposes a peace plan based on isolating warlike countries.

Hyers sends Douglas pamphlets on peace for the State Sunday School Convention and State Teacher's Convention.

Addams reports on a meeting of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, discusses some issues raised by the British Committee and reports on meeting President Wilson.

Addams is sending more materials that were sent to Hull-House and need to be handled and answered by the Peace Party office.

Hobhouse tells Jacobs about a controversial decision made to send Rosika Schwimmer to the United States.

Thomas details an upcoming peace speaking tour so that Hyers, will be able to contact her.

The clipping details the creation of the League to Enforce Peace, which William Hard used as a source in his article for Everybody's Magazine.

A report of the work of the International Congress of Women and their plans to move forward by planning a conference of neutral nations to start negotiations to end World War I.

Lynch praises Addams' Carnegie Hall speech and hopes that they can organize a peace conference before she returns to Chicago.

Mead remarks on the administration of the Woman's Peace Party and its poor finances.

Schwimmer encloses contact information for an American woman interested in peace and asks the Woman's Peace Party to join the new international organization being formed.

Jacobs lays out the organization planned for the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

The Children's World Peace Movement aims to educate children on peace by working with boards of education and superintendents on implementing peace lessons and concepts.

The Committee discusses representation from belligerent countries, decides on holding offices in Amsterdam, fundraising, and the creation of an executive committee.

An interview with Addams, by Marshall, right before she leaves for the The Hague peace conference. In this interview Addams discusses the importance of the conference and of women's peace movements.

Hyers sends Heillman a pamphlet that he requested.

Unwin sends regrets to Addams for her ship not being able to pass through to the Netherlands, and discuses ideas of American intervention in the war.

Addams' secretary acknowledges Darling's suggestions about the Woman's Peace Party's pins and informs him of the Council's decision regarding them.

Addams discusses the issue of who should lead the American delegation to the International Congress of Women.

Moriaud announces the founding of the Association for the Safe-guard of International Law in Geneva and explains the need for an international effort to investigate violations of international law.

Addams defends her stance on suffrage in the Woman's Peace Party and a recent decision made by the Executive Council on allowing women to join without believing in suffrage.

Addams's secretary tells Duryea of the Woman's Peace Party Executive Council decision to change its preamble to welcome women who do not accept all of the principles of the party (the need for woman suffrage).

Cunningham, an anti-suffragist, tells Addams that she cannot support the Woman's Peace Party, but can work for Peace separately.

Addams calls for the public to join the peace movement, demonstrate public sentiment for peace, and attend a conference.
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