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Denison expresses her opposition to Addams's request to demand a referendum from President Wilson because of the current political climate in the U.S. and the need to build defense against Germany.

Post asks Eastman to clarify news that Carrie Chapman Catt was dropped as an officer of the Woman's Peace Party.

Forbes criticizes individual members acting as if their views represent those of the organization as a whole. She expresses opposition to the Woman's Peace Party urging a national referendum.

Spencer offers Addams her opinions of an emergency peace meeting which she felt was poorly run.

Upton tells Addams that she opposed the message that NAWSA Executive Committee sent to the government regarding the war.

Sherman tells Addams that he believes a referendum vote for peace would not do any good, even though he sees war as a last resort.

Addams tells Schwimmer that she will not intercede with Ford on Schwimmer's behalf.

Schwimmer tells Addams about her frustration dealing with Clara Ford and Alfred Kliefoth and argues for holding a International Congress of Women for Permanent Peace in 1916.

Addams updates Jordan on the latest news from the Neutral Conference and notes her disappointment that Henry Ford has not followed through his promises.

Schwimmer reports to Ford on the activities of the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and the creation of the International Committee for Immediate Mediation to achieve the goal of hastening the end of World War I. She also complains about the barriers Ford has set against meeting with her.

Schwimmer discusses her visit with Henry Ford and gives Addams her views on the peace movement.

Schwimmer asks Addams to come to Europe to recover from illness, complaining that Aletta Jacob is destroying the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Addams tells Kellogg about letters she has received about the peace movement.

Glücklich expresses her surprise at the small amount of American delegates in Sweden, and asks Addams if the others would be able to hurry.

Schwimmer introduces Addams to Ellis Jones, who she claims can give Addams the real story of the Ford Peace expedition.

Atkins criticizes Addams' peace efforts as shallow and coercive.

Jordan advises Addams not to participate in the mediation efforts begun by the Ford Peace Ship expedition, instead suggesting that she form a new group that avoids publicity.

Logan writes Kiefer to defend his universal peace plan against criticism from Herbert Quick.

Logan shares his ideas about how public opinion on militarism might be impacted by World War I.

Baker writes to Kiefer about the dangers of militarism.

Bradford thanks Addams for sending her The Women at the Hague, and praises the book.

Spencer expresses her concerns and voices her suspicions to Addams in regards to the Henry Ford peace plan.

Schwimmer reports problems with Aletta Jacobs and other pacifists that endanger the success of Ford Peace Ship expedition and hopes that Addams can intervene.

Jordan explains to Ford why he could not participate in the Ford Peace Ship expedition and advises him on a better way to work for peace.

Macmillan tells Addams that the French government is raiding the offices and homes of peace activists and updates her on the English Government's stance on peace negotiations.

Denison ask Addams to question Harriet P. Thomas as to the intentions of a letter she received. Denison explains that she feels she has been unfairly assigned work and feel pressured to join her organizations with others.

Hamilton writes for Addams sending Blaine the report on the International Congress of Women and commenting on the controversy over bayonet charges.

Jacobs updates Addams on issues coming up with the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, financial concerns and personality issues.

Ford informs Addams that newspaper reports of discord aboard the Peace Ship expedition are unfounded and that he hopes she will be able to join them.

Ramsay informs Addams that the women of Canada do not support the peace movement.
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