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Addams speaks before the Advertisers' Club of an incident that happened at Hull-House.

Newspaper report of Addams' speech at the conference of Charities and Correction in St. Louis discussing state of charitable work.
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Addams discusses her childhood, the influence of her father and Lincoln, and her early thoughts on morality and responsibility to the community.
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Addams discusses the problems that modern youth face when seeking love.
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Addams describes the current moral situation of American youth as a result of the current education and religious situations. This speech was also given before the Chicago Sinai congregation.

Nanney explains to Addams his distrust of leaders who lack virtues like temperance.

Upon reading one of her articles in McClure's Magazine,Goldman writes Addams about the evils of flirtation and asks her to look into ways of preventing it.

Sheldon praises Addams' series of articles in McClure's Magazineand describes the impact her bookA New Conscience and a Social Evilis having in his state.

Harris asks Addams's advice about creating a series of lectures on vice and its causes.

Weidenfeld praises Addams' McClure's Magazinearticles and shares his beliefs on the labor issues of women and the morality issues facing women, men, and children.

Lyman writes Addams to share her ideas about hiring police women to monitor rooming houses and theaters to ensure the safety of vulnerable young women.

Hopkins writes Addams about her financial predicament and asks for advice about finding employment.

Writing in response to Addams' article on prostitution, Sheldon asks her why the temptations of vice do not doom all girls in similar situations.

The Inter-Ocean summarizes Addams' lecture on rising corruption in trade union leadership.

Newspaper coverage of Addam's November 19 address to the Chicago Business Woman's Club linking child labor to laziness in adults.

Jones writes to Addams about his experience with simple living and his philosophical realizations.
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