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Denison expresses her opposition to Addams's request to demand a referendum from President Wilson because of the current political climate in the U.S. and the need to build defense against Germany.

Freed asks Addams for advice in helping a friend whose life has been derailed by his deserting the army.

Stocking asks Addams to have the International Congress of Women discuss Mobilization Day.

Coffin writes Addams about his confusion that she, as an advocate for peace, would endorse a presidential candidate who extols the virtues of the military and of war.

Bush laments that Addams mischaracterized the military's venereal disease problem in her article and offers his opinion on the subject.

Thomas updates Addams on the activities of the Woman's Peace Party in Washington and Boston.

Thomas writes to Cumberson to request her attendance at a program relating to public schools and the military.

Lewis is glad that Addams is feeling better, and states that although he does not agree with her in some aspects, he admires her method of activism.

Matthews is participating in an inter-high school debate and requests information on opposition to the enlargement of the United States navy.

Addams writes Lindsey about the positive effects of the Boy Scouts.

Addams sends Detzer information on a study of military spending in Wisconsin and suggest other states look into it.

Jones reacts to an article that Addams sent him on the Progressive Party, focusing on her statements about African Americans and the peace movement.

Fishback asks Addams to participate in a protest against sending young troops to France.

Lane asks Addams for literature against preparedness for an upcoming debate.

Fox tells Addams about preparedness parades in Los Angeles and questions whether the organizers are profiting by the war.

Emerson asks Addams for literature on compulsory military training in high school for use in an upcoming debate.

A circular sent to members of the National Council of Women to gather strength against a proposed Militia Pay Bill and increased militarism in the United States.

Hyers informs Lane that she is sending literature regarding Preparedness.

Hyers informs Everly that she is being sent literature written against Preparedness, and a report of the International Congress of Women for Permanent Peace.

In writing for Addams, Hyers relates to Holdsworth possible debate points to bring up when discussing the reasons to preserve peace.

Hunter commends Addams for her success in social work thus far and urges her to keep fighting for the rights of young soldiers and their mothers.

Webb requests information on military training in schools for an upcoming debate.

Stuart asks Addams for support to defend Bouck White, a cartoonist who has been imprisoned for desecrating the American flag.

Collins reacts to an Addams interview, offering his views on ways to resist war.
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Addams states her opinion on military preparedness in the Chicago Tribune.