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Several lists of new members and payments for the American and International branches of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

A list of new members of the American and International branches of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Thompson explains the need for the National Public Ownership League and its goal of public ownership and democratic control over utilities and natural resources.

Thompson lays out the plan for the creation of the National Public Ownership League, which seeks to create public ownership of utilities and resources.

Addams' secretary provides De Luce with details about membership levels for the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams' secretary informs Bowes that society membership in the Peace Party $5 or $1.

Burch declines a position on the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board, wishing to devote her time to a different organization.

Kellogg tells Addams about recent pledges made to The Survey.

An application for membership in the National Public Ownership League.

Pope tells Addams about the Western states' struggle to organize successful peace activities and requests her help and expertise.

List of members of the Central Committee for the Restoration of International Relations.

Welty's money order is returned to her because it was not the correct membership amount.

Mead explains speaking arrangements for the Woman's Peace Party Annual meeting. She also explains her hesitation with a statement concerning United States military involvement in the war.

Wald explains her resignation from the American Union and expectations for the future after the recent granting of suffrage to women in New York State.

Paddock writes Addams and encloses a $5.00 check for her organization, Malone Political Equality Club, to join the Woman's Peace Party for the year.

Cumberson informs Addams that she will not be able to attend Addams's proposed conference.

Addams expresses her belief that the Women's Peace Party could be the organization Marple is looking for and hopes she will contribute her fortune to the International Congress.

Addams clarifies how a list that was published should have been approved and submitted to the Arts Committee of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams informs Thomas that Hope McDonald will be appointed as chair of the Woman's Peace Party of Minnesota.

Addams congratulates Andrews on her current work and hopes she will not leave the ICWPP.

Addams expresses her regrets at the change in status of Andrews membership with the National Committee of Five. Addams also shares her hopes for Andrews' future involvement in the peace movement.

Addams informs Balch of the lack of Indian representation in her WILPF section and sends her Das' list of potential women to join.

Addams et al. ask Washington to join the American Association for Labor Legislation campaign.

Addams invites members of the Fellowship of Reconciliation to meet with interested others in the hope of forming a Chicago branch.

Osgood writes Addams about the status of Grace Darling's membership and reports on the effectiveness of the Illinois letter.

Reconstruction magazine asks Addams to subscribe to its new journal on rebuilding Central and Eastern Europe.
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